a history of Anno 1800

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  a history of Anno 1800

You’re probably wondering how I got here. How a country boy has ended up surrounded by luxury hotels, eating lobster cheminée dishes and surrounded by beautiful women while drinking Glögg. Well, the truth is that I have always known that he was destined to do great things, but becoming king of tourism It wasn’t in my plans.

I was born on the island of Luttengraven in the year 1800 and they thought it convenient to call me Mariano, like my father. They must not have taken long to repent, because to avoid confusing us they ended up shortening the name and since then everyone knows me as Anno.

The subject of diminutives and nicknames has always been curious to me -like that of my friend Watch Dogs, who was actually born as Driver but nobody has ever called him that-. What is the use of having a name if they are going to address you in another way later? In any case, that was mine: Yearof 1800 and Luttengraven Island.

The story of Anno, from the 1800s and Luttengraven Island

The tags that accompany my name are the only thing that brings me closer to more important status personalities -and pejigueras-. I, despite the facade, have always been and always will be a humble farmer. A poor wretch come to more than, surrounded by luxuries, is actually content with a plate of fish, a piece of clothing to wear and a market in which to spend what little is left after paying my taxes, if possible accompanied by a good liquor.

My grandfather was one of the founders of the city, a pillar for the community who was only thanked for his work with a letter of diplomacy and a position as a farmer. After building what is still our house today, he was entrusted with the task of planting potatoes, a job that years later my father would continue without even questioning its usefulness. By the time I was old enough to work – and it was much earlier than I would like to admit to the law – the port’s warehouse was already filled to the brim and there was no room to store more potatoes.

Bright Harvest

Why the hell would we spend our lives planting potatoes if no one really eats them? We are more into fish, the workers delight in their sausage sandwiches and the artisans limit themselves to devouring those disgusting cans of food without criteria. But I was wrong with the potatoes.

I refused to waste my life among rotten tubers just because the big cursor dictated it, so as soon as I had the chance to leave that island, I didn’t hesitate for a second. When the captain told us in the pub about a mysterious route that led to that The new World everyone was talking about, I took a diplomacy card to come in handy with and joined his crew.

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It was neither the first nor the last time that I left the mainland behind to eat sausages for days while pirates chased us and storms besieged us, but thanks to it I was able to learn about other customs, places and snacks. Who was going to tell me that there would be something more than fish across the ocean.


I visited dozens of cities, saw the birth and death of capitals, and absorbed everything I had experienced like a sponge. A knowledge hardened with experiences such as using sugar to get rum, drying meat to keep it in good condition, or growing exotic plants to harvest teas and spices.

By the time the waves carried me back to Luttengraven, I was someone else entirely. Someone who had grown as big as my city, which by then was the capital of an empire without fear of being coughed. Someone who now knew what to do with all those potatoes that nobody seemed willing to take advantage of.

a business opportunity

“But what to distill liquor or what dead child,” said my father when I told him my idea. You will plant potatoes as the great cursor dictates, as your grandfather did and as I have done for all these years.

It could be said that my ideas collided a bit with the scant provincial originality, but since the hole I left in the warehouse was filled seconds later with dozens of potato farms with nothing else to do, my liquor distillery it could function without arousing suspicion or lowering the spirits of any working class.

year 1800

Just as our neighbors across the pond did with sugar and rum, I used the potatoes to create liquor and, to my surprise, the villagers liked the idea so much that smiles soon turned to discontent. It was impossible to keep up with the demand generated.

The first distillery was followed by a second, then a third, and by the time I got to the fourth, the excess liquor became a perfect tool for trading in the newly opened port office. With the distilleries running at full capacity, I would now dedicate myself to exporting my product and importing all those delicatessen that he had tasted in the colonies.

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Before I could even assess what to do next, the growth of the city my products were causing handed me the next step on a silver platter. Hundreds of tourists they came by boat to see the exotic animals he had once helped hunt and the museum pieces he had collected from the depths. What if he could lengthen his visit somehow? What if there was a business opportunity among those wealthy people who came to marvel at what they couldn’t find together anywhere else? Material para Manualidades - Tienda online de materiales económicos para hacer manualidades: bisutería y complementos, scrapbooking, costura y labores. Material para manualidades


To understand how I could help them, I only had to put myself in their shoes and think about everything I had missed when setting foot on other lands. I had to leave behind my humble perspective to think like a rich man, and make your comforts mine.

the king of tourism

The first step was clear. No one in their right mind wants to arrive in a city, tired from a boat trip that has sapped months of their life, and have to deal with an eternal walk to the first tourist attraction, be it a zoo, a botanical garden or a Universal exposition. had to find a way more comfortable and efficient to cross those muddy roads and dilapidated houses without the visit losing its charm.

That vision automatically transported me to Enbesa and, remembering with nostalgia the first time I experienced how water flowed from one place to another through the African village, I thought about how I could translate that solution into something that would solve my problem. While his network of canals gave life to his orchards, I was to create one that would invigorate my city. They carried water from one place to another and I would do the same with the tourists.


And so I did, building on what I had learned from the motor vehicles that had revolutionized our farms and roamed our streets, I set up a bus network that would allow you to leave the ship, get on one of them and travel wherever you wanted without worrying about its distance again.

With stops strategically placed in luttengraven landmarks like theaters and museums, the next objective was to give even more weight to each bus shelter with new buildings that would attract the attention of tourists. The solution was to devise a new structure of houses so that, around each stop, there were the key points with which to expand the idea by building my first Hotels and restaurants.

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I soon understood that the number of tourists grew as more hotels were built, but just like my neighbors, if their needs were not fully met, the hotels only worked at a third of their capacity. I had no choice but to entrust myself to the great cursor for help and, together with his power, we began to restructure and improve the city to attract more and more tourists.


Improve the zoo with new specimens, clean up the palace and, above all, create more factories that could exploit the interest of visitors to spend their salary on jewelry and fur coats while they were away from home. I never understood what was the meaning behind that -was there no pearl hunting or marketing in your hometown?-, but the important thing is that the flow of visitors did not stop growing and that meant adding more businesses to my network, which by then also had cafes and cocktail bars with an increasingly exquisite menu.

My plan in each of the places was to merge products from the island with everything I had found on my travels. The Montmartre 75 cocktail, for example -so called because it contains 3.75 centiliters of brandy, 3.75 of aged rum and another 3.75 of triple sec-, we made it based on champagne, imported sugar and a touch of citrus that we got of the new orchards -a trifle that occurred to me to take advantage of plantations that served both as an ornament for the landscape and a source of new ingredients-.

The best of all is that, strategically placed, those premises managed to unexpected effects. In the case of the aforementioned cocktail, the nearby houses ended up with a couple of new tenants -in reality they were drunks who stayed to sleep in the doorway- and the consumption of cans of food, beer and rum were noticeably diminished.


Best of all, we begin to use the surplus from the orchards for other purposes, for example to manufacture shampoos and colognes that tourists could use during their stays at the hotel. An unprecedented success not without a good deal of work and organization between colonies on the other side of the globe, but a success after all.

And that’s how I got here, surrounded by luxury hotels, eating lobster cheminée dishes and surrounded by beautiful women while drinking Glögg. Tourism has been a blessing an opportunity to renew myself and, given what is seen by the company that now surrounds me, also a way to attract the attention of potential investors.

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I provide the ideas, they provide the money, and both of us have a great time hand in hand with a city that seems to have no roof. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with a certain Gustave Eiffel who has a proposal for an iron tower that could be another good boost for my business. Let’s cross our fingers for what it may mean for me in the future.


P.S. If you have been wanting to know more about my travels and adventures away from Luttengraven, some historians have written about it with more or less success in the past. I leave these documents below.

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