A Pokemon Scarlet and Purple leak may have revealed the total number of new Pokemon

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  A Pokemon Scarlet and Purple leak may have revealed the total number of new Pokemon

To date only 3 Pokémon of the ninth generation are known

Although The Pokémon Company hardly showed details of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple, the titles of the ninth generation of Pokémon, the truth is that rumors point how soon we might have news about these Nintendoi Switch games. And in the absence of official news, we have some alleged leaks that deal with deeper themes of the game, such as the number of new pokemon.

First of all, it should be clarified that Pokémon is not the saga that best keeps secretssince it is known because all its content is leaked even before the official launch, which usually causes great controversy and open wars on social networks because there are people without any shame when it comes to sharing spoilers .

Will there be more than 100 Pokémon in the ninth generation?

All that said, in this case we have a leak again from Riddler Khu who leaked much of the content of the Pokémon Arceus remakes and Legendsbeing the information he provided excessively accurate, thus he has gained the trust of the fans.

Be that as it may, it must be said that this leaker shows its information in the form of riddles, just as it was to use cat and crocodile emojis before Sprigatito and Fuecoco were shown as the starter Pokémon. Under this premise, his last riddle has been this image of Pokémon Masters EX that you can see below: Noticias sobre apple,mac, osx, iphone,ipad,apple watch, juegos para mac y appletv Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon

It must be said that Riddler Khu, who has his Twitter locked due to the harassment he receives, would have pointed out that there are ten clues in the image above, so that number 9 makes a clear allusion to the ninth generation. For their part, many comment that the dragon and sinister symbols would allude to the legendary Pokémon.

Be that as it may, it is rumored that the 26th could be regional forms, while any of the other numbers could be the new Pokémon to be added in the game. It is precisely because of this that many fans they don’t stop making theoriesbut, in the absence of official information, it is better to take this content with a grain of salt.

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