An amazing team of Thunderbolts replaces the Avengers

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 An amazing team of Thunderbolts replaces the Avengers


Marvel trades one of the strongest teams on Earth for the Thunderbolts.

The new team of Thunderbolts which is being led by the character of hawk eye looks like it will take the place of the avengers in marvel comics since they will suppose a total replacement. Currently, this team Thunderbolts They are officially the only group of superheroes legally authorized to carry out their operations in the city of New Yorkwhich means that they will have to play the role of all the other heroes that are normally found in the American city.

Marvel trades one of the strongest teams on Earth for the Thunderbolts

During the history of Devil’s Reign, Wilson Fiskalso know as Kingpin used his influence as mayor of New York to enforce a law banning all activity by superheroes and anyone wearing a mask. This was part of a plan to secure his re-election and gain even more power for a future presidential run. USA. All the operations you have performed Wilson Fisk Until now almost everyone knows them and currently it is thought that he is dead.

However, despite the fall from grace and the power of Kingpin, the law that he imposed while he was still in power is still in force and it seems that the situation is not going to change for the superheroes of New York. At the moment, luke cage happened to Fisk as mayor, so he decided to put the funds to good use. Thunderboltsreforming the team with new members and familiar faces. Material para Manualidades - Tienda online de materiales económicos para hacer manualidades: bisutería y complementos, scrapbooking, costura y labores. Material para manualidades

The new series starring the Thunderbolts from Marvel is being written by Jim Zub and features art Sean Izaakke. here the Thunderbolts will take the place of the Avengers, the Fantastic four and all the other heroes that used to hold back the threats in New York. To do that, the new list of Thunderbolts must be on the same power level, which comes in the form of two top-tier heroines with great abilities, spectrum Y Miss America.

The first issue of the comic series of Thunderbolts It will be available on May 25.

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