Batman Beyond Reboot Will Show Terry McGinnis New Enemy

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 Batman Beyond Reboot Will Show Terry McGinnis New Enemy

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year will give Terry McGinnis new problems that he will have to solve alone.

the comic series Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 being made by the writer Collin Kelly and jackson lanzing and drawn by Max Dunbar will follow the consequence that occurred after the events of Batman: Urban Legends #7. It is here that a powerful artificial intelligence appears in the city of Neo Gotham. In a matter of moments he managed to take control of the city thus killing the Batman from BruceWayne.

Without him Dark Knight nor the available resources that are always in the batcave, Terry McGinnis must protect the city Gotham on your own with all the risks that this entails. A preview of the next issue reveals that he will find a new villain in a very high place: Wayne Powers.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year will give Terry McGinnis new problems that he will have to solve alone

Now, Donovan Lumos became the new CEO of Wayne Powersalthough in reality, his villain name is Holographic Man. Currently, within the continuity of DCthe main crime boss of Bludhaven is the villain block buster and he is fully determined to kill the hero in order to maintain a tight and total control over the city.

It is not yet known if Holographic Man will share ties with villains from DC’s more modern continuity. The Neo-Year comic series will be the one to bring back McGinnis to the stories of the publisher of DC Comics. It should also be noted that this will not be the only story of Terry McGuinis what we will have since Batman: White Knight by Sean Gordon Murphy, will offer a renewed vision of the character. Like other aspects of the universe of White Knightthe history of this Terry McGinnis and how he got the bat suit is different than his original comic or television counterpart from batman beyond.

What’s more, Terry McGinnis within Neo-Year You will be faced with numerous problems and you may not be ready to solve them yet. As advanced in the preview, the intelligence of Neo Gotham is working to take down the hero as soon as possible with unlawful and conventional methods. It is also promised that the city will create multiple villains to McGinnisnot just Holographic Man.

Batman Beyond Reboot Will Show Terry McGinnis New Enemy

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