Batman White Knight introduces a girl Robin

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  Batman White Knight introduces a girl Robin

Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1 shows Jason Todd training a new Robin.

Batman White Knight introduces a girl Robin 08/03/2022 04:00

Jason Todd He has gained some experience as a result of helping Batman and has now gone from being a disciple to a mentor, after accepting a new apprentice named Batman. win. Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1 keep expanding the universe Dark Knight that was devised by the creator Sean Murphy and its main character is an older Jason still traumatized by his experiences with the joker.

Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1 Shows Jason Todd Training a New Robin

Since leaving his role as Robin and walked away from everything that linked to Batman, Jason He has wandered from one place to another without giving any meaning to his life. After a confrontation with some minor delinquents, the encounter between Jason Todd Y win. The two don’t get along at first, but that quickly changes.

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Following Jason’s incarceration by Dick Grayson, win he reappears and offers to help him escape from prison. Before rejecting the offer, win achieves that Jason admit that in times past it was a Robina figure that Gan aspires to be as he wants to confront the criminals who live in his neighborhood with whom he wants to finish off in order to protect those he loves.

Jason he ends up giving in to Gan’s pleas after hearing his curious story and agrees to be the mentor of a new Robin. Jason Todd He is very identified with the story he tells win since he felt the same in another time and wanted to defend and help the most vulnerable. That is why he will finally become the coach of win to become a real Robin. The rest of the issue sees Jason training Gan on how to stop criminals.

Batman White Knight introduces a girl Robin

While win tells to Jason who is afraid of heights and not necessarily eager to jump from the ledges of buildings, Jason he finally realizes that they must try a new approach to their hard training.

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