BlueTwelve Studio was inspired by a rescued stray cat to create it

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  BlueTwelve Studio was inspired by a rescued stray cat to create it

Just a few days separate us from the arrival of Stray. BlueTwelve Studio’s work has become the Steam’s most anticipated title and its premiere on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium is an even greater incentive. The community has been dazzled by the idea of ​​being able to control a cat and now the developer has reported who has served as inspiration for the feline protagonist.

Murtaugh is the name given to one of the cats of the company’s co-founders, Viv and Koola, and was found on the streets of Montpellier, France, under a car. His appearance is tremendously similar to the cat in the game, although it is not an exact reproduction. They explain from the team that they tried to “capture the tenderness, but also the liveliness and playful character of a cat” thanks to their movements.



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The main person in charge of this was Miko, an animated cat, who worked looking for references everywhere. However, Oscar was the unexpected cat who came to the studio almost every day to take references from jumps and runs. Together with programmer Rémi, the two worked for hours to find “that sweet spot between great looking animations and fun, responsive gameplay.”

Finally we have Jun, another one of the feline friends who was a regular in the BlueTwelve Studio offices. If you have wondered, the cat of stray it has no name “or, at least, not one that can be said in human language”. Remember that the physical version for PS5 has already been announced and you can start pre-ordering it.



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