Bulma’s origin in Dragon Ball is much more mysterious than you imagine

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  Bulma’s origin in Dragon Ball is much more mysterious than you imagine


It seems that we return once again to Journey to the West.

The origin of the Dragon Ball characters is very diverse, in the sense that they can have different origins based on their etymology, such as the Saiyans who derive their name from vegetables, among many other concepts. In fact, recently it has been possible to see which is the Goku’s origin both in name and concept, being the surprise that neither his original name is Goku nor Kakarotto.

Under this same idea, now it has been the turn of Bulma, one of the key characters in the series who, despite not having combat skills, has always been a very important support in the development of events. In fact, we have recently been able to learn more about the origin of his relationship with Vegeta, but in this case we are going to focus on Bulma’s character inspiration.

We would find Bulma’s inspiration again in Journey to the West

dragon ball bulma

Bulma is one of the key characters in Dragon Ball

In this way, as with most characters in the first arc of Dragon Ball, Bulma is based on a character from Journey to the Westthe novel from which Akira Toriyama based himself to create the characters of Yamcha, Ooloong and Goku, in such a way that Bulma is based on Tang Sanzanga monk known for his compassion (which Bulma lacks considering that she shot Goku on sight) and with whom he shares the same role in the first arc. Trucos y guías de los videojuegos más populares de pc, ps4, xbox, wii, android o iphone Trucos y guías de videojuegos

However, it should also be noted that Bulma would be based on a real historical characterThis being Xuanzang, an early 7th-century Buddhist monk who is known for traveling to India with the aim of acquiring original untranslated Buddhist scrolls to resolve a debate in China over the misunderstanding of these very texts.

It was precisely from the diary of his adventures that the inspiration for Journey to the West was found. And from there, to Bulma, who has become the character who managed to unite this entire universe after getting Goku out of his house on the mountain.

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