Creepiest Things Ever Found In Pokemon Games

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 Creepiest Things Ever Found In Pokemon Games

With 20 years of video games, an animated series with over a thousand episodes, 21 movies, and multiple comics, there aren’t a lot of things about the Pokémon franchise that haven’t been explored in exhausting detail. There is, however, one truly bizarre and disturbing mystery that has spread across multiple games, and never gets any less creepy: the Lumiose City Hex Maniac.

The Hex Maniac is a type of enemy trainer that appears throughout the series as a generally spooky goth girl with spiral eyes and a focus on Ghost and Psychic-types. In Pokémon X and Y, however, you encounter one that never asks for a battle. In Lumiose City’s fighting dojo, the first time you take the elevator to the second floor, the game freezes and a Hex Maniac appears behind you. She moves across the screen without her sprite actually moving, like she’s floating (or glitched), says “No, you’re not the one …” and then vanishes. This is never addressed or explained at all in the game.

To make matters weirder, another Hex Maniac appears a year later in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby at Mt. Pyre — you know, the massive cemetery — and says the same thing, albeit without the creepy movements and disappearance. The incidents are clearly related, but who — or what — “the one” that they’re waiting for is has never been revealed. The only thing we know is that it’s not us.

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