DC creates a new hero who faces Superman and Batman

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 DC creates a new hero who faces Superman and Batman


Learn some more details about the origin of the new DC hero.

the universe of DC continues to expand day by day introducing new characters to offer new stories to its readers. Now, it seems that the characters of Batman and Superman will have to face a new superhero from DC Comics: Monkey Prince.

Get to know some more details about the origin of the new DC hero

Many readers may not be familiar with the story and powers that affect Monkey Prince Due to its recent introduction to DC Universe. Despite this, it seems that it has been a quite noticeable inclusion since it has impressed even other heroes. Since he first made his debut in DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1, Marcus has expressed his distaste for superheroes, thus giving numerous reasons. He ponders the fact that heroes might think they’re better than everyone else. Although it is true that he is friends with billy batsonHe deeply hates the reincarnation of him as Shazam. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that Monkey Prince make an alliance with some hero soon.

The origin story of Monkey Prince occupies a very special place in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2when niles caulder from Doom Patrol reveals an ancient scroll depicting the House of Ji. In a page, Chief It refers to a fight between warriors with apparent magical powers and gods. The Monkey King known as Sun Wukong appears in the drawing, who inspired the real-life creation of the Monkey Prince. The roots of the teenage superhero are relevant within the DC Universeas the Chinese mythological figure exists in their world.

DC creates a new hero who faces Superman and Batman

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