Does Captain America’s shield have an unknown origin?

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  Does Captain America’s shield have an unknown origin?


Marvel gives more details about the origin of the iconic shield of Captain America.

The shield of Captain America has been possibly one of the most important symbols associated with American comics of all time, as well as an insignia of the same character. Nevertheless, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty has explained that the shield of the Captain America might not come exactly from the USA. In fact, their origins might be from a different world than the Land.

Marvel Gives More Details About The Origin Of Captain America’s Iconic Shield

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kellyhas shown some more details about the real origin of the shield of steve rogers. Quite possibly it has an extraterrestrial and very sinister origin. After fighting and defeating a collective of fighters defending a German facility known as The Forge, the Captain America look up to see a startling sight: a large UFO with a design similar to its shield on the bottom. A ship that appears to have suspicious and hostile activity.

Captain America

Captain America was injected with a special serum to turn him into a super-soldier.

Information is reserved for the next issue of the comic series. The spaceship continues to launch alien-looking weapons at the hero of Marvel, but the result is still unknown. The alien is dispatched by a mysterious figure made up of five entities, known as The Machine, Money, Power, Love and the Revolutionwho vote to create the same shield as the Captain America. Todas las Noticias, Imagenes, Eventos, Articulos, Juegos y toda la informacion sobre el universo de Captain Tsubasa en castellano. Captain Tsubasa Spain

However the Captain America he’s already unraveling some clues, thanks to his old allies and friends who are fond of alien things. the one that is called Radio Company he has deciphered several coded messages transmitted by different types of waves and one of them seems to be linked to the mysterious Forge. The first moments of the first issue of the series revealed that the forge was where the hero’s legendary round shield was first made, but its connection to the UFO bearing the markings of the shield remains unknown.

Does Captain America's shield have an unknown alien origin?

The origin of the coat of arms Captain America has expanded over the decades. First conceived with a more triangular design by Joe Simon and Jack Kirbyended up changing to its more well-known circular shape.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2 is already available.

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