Dragon Ball Super reveals a detail of Vegeta and Bulma that hardly anyone knew

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  Dragon Ball Super reveals a detail of Vegeta and Bulma that hardly anyone knew


The couple is one of the most established in anime and manga.

Throughout all these years it has been possible to see that, despite being an anime and manga more focused on fights, Dragon Ball has had its moments of lovethus giving rise to the fact that we have been able to see relationships such as those of Yamcha and Bulba, Goku and Milk / Chichi, Krillin and C18, Vegeta and Bulma, as well as Gohan and Videl, among many others.

Of all these, although it is true that some were shown on the screen, others were never directly seen as such, surprising the fans. This is the case, to a lesser extent, with Krillin and C18, as well as Vegeta and Bulma, the latter being something that surprised many because no one would expect Vegeta to find love on the planet he was out to destroy at the start of the series.

Vegeta and Bulma started to be a couple after Frieza’s arc

vegeta and bulma

The relationship between the Saiyan and the human surprised many at the time

In any case, as I have already mentioned, the infatuation between the two is a moment that was never shown in the anime or the series, even though this has brought some other anecdoteas the dubbing actors have been able to tell in a recent interview on the occasion of the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

In this way, Masako Nozawa (Goku in the series and film) and Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo in the same media) mentioned several of the most memorable moments of the franchise, highlighting here the moment in which they discovered that Vegeta and Bulma were together in the series. Peliculas completas en youtube en castellano, gratis, recientes y legales Peliculas completas en youtube

It is the actress herself who gives voice to Goku chatted on the subject with the late Hiromi Tsuru, who gave voice to Bulma for much of the trajectory of all the series. The funniest thing is that, when commenting on it, Tsuru didn’t know anything about it, commenting that not even she had influenced that decision and that it was something that left her in shock. In fact Toru Furuya, Yamucha’s voice actor asked Toriyama about this decision, since everyone expected him and Bulma to end up together.

However, the series itself was in charge of explaining that, in the face of Yamcha’s infidelities, Bulma ended the relationship with him and found solace in Vegeta. For the rest, it only remains to remember that today Vegeta is one of the great warriors of the franchisecurrently under discussion which is the best technique: Ultra Instinct or Ultra Ego?

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