dual features, accessories, benefits and mode

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  dual features, accessories, benefits and mode

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 has already settled on players’ consoles and PCs. Activision has turned the meta (playstyle) upside down again with swings and new weapons.

The weapon SMG or Marco 5 submachine gun It has become the great sensation of Warzone: it has jumped all the positions to position itself in second place, the meta throne next to the award-winning AR or NZ-41 assault rifle.

As we have been seeing for several days at WZRanked, both weapons have a very wide cushion compared to the rest of the weapons. The Marco 5 has a pick ratio of 16.35, K/D of 1.28, and a win ratio of 4.00. To give you an idea, the next weapons with the highest pick rate are the H4 Blixen (5.54) and MP-40 (5.49) submachine guns, usual companions of the NZ-41.

The SMG Marco 5 is a versatile weapon, lethal at close range and with the ability to deal medium damage. Once you equip the accessories, it becomes a stable weapon (VERY) and reliable when it comes to firing both with the scope and from the hip. The accessories that I show you are the ones that the streamer wears winghavenprofessional player.

  • Bocacha: recoil amplifier.

  • Canyon: Imerit of 342 mm O4P.

  • Look: Reflector Slate.

  • Butt: Imerito FR.

  • Coupling: Frame Mk. SAW

  • Magazine/Ammunition: 8mm Nambu drums with 64 rounds/Hollow Point.

  • rear handle: handle with pine pitch.

  • Advantage: disposable and speed.

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Frame 5 2

I recommend that you carry the Marco 5 in its normal version, although you can also carry it in duals (one in each hand). Accessory configuration changes. In this case, winghaven choose the following:

  • Bocacha: recoil amplifier.

  • Canyon: Custom 285mm Botti.

  • Look: Variable sight 1913 (x4-B).

  • Butt: Imerito FR.

  • Coupling: –

  • Magazine/Ammunition: 8mm Nambu drums with 64 rounds (128 rounds in total)/Hollow point.

  • rear handle: handle with pine pitch.

  • Advantage: duals and speed.

You should keep in mind that the Duals perk takes away damage range, damage, and movement speed. On the contrary, you have a lot more bullets, 128 with this setup, and more than reasonable accuracy from the hip. Personally, I prefer the normal version.

Remembering one of my best adventures in Red Dead Online a la Toretto from Fast & Furious:

Marco 5, the ideal complement… But which weapons?

Using the class advantage Excess Media two main weapons can be carried, it’s the “a, b, c” of Warzone. Once equipped, the Marco 5 is the ideal complement for two weapons: the AR NZ-41 and the sniper. ZRG, the most powerful weapon in its class. The versatility of this SMG makes it perfect for combat when the sniper is at a disadvantage.

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