Elden Ring and Animal Crossing, the most hilarious crossover you’ll see today

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 Elden Ring and Animal Crossing, the most hilarious crossover you’ll see today


Another Cinnamon crossover with a cruder IP than Animal Crossing.

It could be said that in recent years there have been a couple of games that have stood out from the majority, since we cannot forget that most games are launched on the market to finish falling into oblivion a weeksince the wheel of the video game industry does not stop turning.

Be that as it may, two of these titles that have stood out above the rest have been Elden Ring and Animal Crossing New Horizonsthe latter being cataloged as the pandemic gamewhile the first is still one of the most popular titles and is present in the gaming community even almost two months after its launch.

A very unexpected union of two of the great games of recent years

In this way, a Reddit user has shown the union between both titles, since it is known how difficult (and fair) Elden Ring is. However, we have never been able to see what would it be like if Canela played the From Software video gameleading to a hilarious result.

To put in context, it must be said that Cinnamon is a character introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf and that, since then, has enjoyed enormous popularity, being even added as a character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For all this, the Reddit user known as Wooden-Turtle has created an animation that unites the two sagas:

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In this way, you can see how Canela plays a more chibi version of Elden Ring, specifically with a boss who does what video game bosses do: kill us. It is here when we see how a Joy-Con hits the television, revealing that it was Canela who was playing the title. The rest of the video is not wasted.

Needless to say, in the short time this animation has been going on it has become very popular on the social network, especially for reusing Cinnamon in an IP that has little or nothing to do with Animal Crossing, since in 2020 it will be were able to see different works of Cinnamon with Doom Slayer being games released in March of that year.

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