Every Metroid Game Ranked Worst To Best

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 Every Metroid Game Ranked Worst To Best

“Metroid: Other M” offers a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to “Metroid” titles. Set between the events of “Super Metroid” and “Metroid Fusion,” it places players back in the shoes of Samus Aran as she explores a ramshackle space station. The game employs a 3D format and substantial cutscenes and voice acting to tell its sweeping story, while making extensive use of the Wii Remote to switch between third-person and first-person perspectives. “Other M” also introduced melee attacks to the franchise, offering up moves like Counter-attack, Lethal Strike, and Concentration.

Some reviewers, such as Craig Harris of IGN, appreciated how the combination of cinematics, narrative, and thrilling action in “Other M” shakes up the standard “Metroid” formula. GameSpot’s Tom McShea was similarly smitten, praising the attractive environments, unique controls, and rewarding ship exploration. McShea identified the unskippable cutscenes as a key drawback — a recurring complaint from multiple sources.

Other outlets were much more critical of “Other M.” A piece published on Destructoid slammed the title’s “soap opera drama, inconsistencies, and dangling plot threads” and took aim at Samus’ characterization, largely established through extensive monologues. G4 also decried how “Other M” portrays Samus: “In short, you’re asked to forget that Samus has spent the last 10-15 years on solitary missions ridding the galaxy of Space Pirates, saving the universe and surviving on her own as a bounty hunter.”

Viewed as both a game changer and combo breaker, “Metroid: Other M” remains one of the most polarizing entries in the series.

  • Release Date: August 31, 2010

  • Available On: Nintendo Wii

  • Genre: Action-Adventure, Shooter, Third-Person

  • Game Modes: Single-Player Only

  • Metacritic Score: 79