Forget Lost Ark, in this MMO you become a Tyrannosaurus to devour other Triceratops players

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  Forget Lost Ark, in this MMO you become a Tyrannosaurus to devour other Triceratops players

It is true that Lost Ark offers us a number of hours of play that is absolutely unfathomable. Dominating dinosaurs to serve our purposes is really fun, especially if you compete against other players on the same server. However, the idea of path of titans it is slightly different.

Here we do not control human beings, but we become the Jurassic creatures themselves. That’s right, we can choose between more than 25 species of dinosaurs to survive, explore and complete missions in an open world MMO. Panjura will be our home, of considerable size reaching 8×8 km.

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And it is that the developer Alderon Games that up to 200 players can roam freely throughout the land, having herbivorous, carnivorous, aquatic or flying creatures. Ambition will be felt in every corner of path of titansbecause we can fully customize our dinosaur and check its statistics.

On the other hand, the support for modding will be total and the implementation of community mods will be facilitated. For now, the work is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022 for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, although we can already try a demo. The study intends that the title also reach consoles and cloud gaming devices, all with cross-play.

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