get its sinister setting and keep it forever

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 get its sinister setting and keep it forever

Surprises life gives us and one of them is the one that presents us G.O.G.. The digital store of CD Projekt RED, unexpectedly, allows us to get hold of Sanitarium without any cost. In fact, it will not be the last game that we can get these days.

You already know that the Epic Games Store is giving away its own work this week, but GOG will offer a few more during its summer sales. In any case, you can get the work right nowthough do it quickly. The time to add it to our library ends in just 48 hours, but if you do, it will be yours forever.

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Launched in 1998, this time we are faced with a classic point & click adventure. However, the setting will be very dark, with a world of madness in which we will find children with malformations, ancient gods or ghosts from the past that come to torment us.

This will be possible because we are a nursing home patient who has survived a car accident. However, we have lost our memory and going through the five disturbing worlds will be really difficult in those conditions.

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