In-Game Items That Were A Total Waste Of Time

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 In-Game Items That Were A Total Waste Of Time

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” rewrote the “Legend of Zelda” book. Instead of having infinitely deep pockets, Link can only carry a few weapons and shields at a time, and players need all they can find because everything in the game is frighteningly brittle. The more Korok Seeds players uncover, the more they can increase Link’s storage capacity up to a point. Many gamers wondered what would happen if they found all the seeds in the game — a daunting task since there are 900 in total — but one player was up to the challenge. The reward was utter crap. Literally.

In 2017, reddit user xFateAwaitsx scoured Hyrule, pocketed every seed, and then reported back to Hestu for their grand reward. Instead of something like, say, infinite weapon durability (which would have diminished the need to collect weapons but been nice regardless) Hestu bestowed upon them … a golden poop. The item has no mechanical impact on the game whatsoever, and we know it’s poop because it “smells pretty bad.”

For the time it took to find all 900 seeds, Hestu’s Gift is not even worth the bragging rights. According to the game’s director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, this fecal reward for completionists was chosen because his team “thought it would be funny to make that a big joke” (via IGN).

The gift might have been made for a gag, but given the arduous tasks needed to find it, the developers are the only ones laughing. Only lorehounds get any real use out of Hestu’s Gift, but does anyone really need confirmation that Korok Seeds were poop all along?