Konami updates Silent Hill branding along with a mention of virtual reality

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 Konami updates Silent Hill branding along with a mention of virtual reality

It seems that, in the end, Konami is interested in maintaining the brand of Silent Hill. At the end of last month we informed you that the Japanese company had not renewed the domain of Silent Hill, something that caused a joke by a user. However, the trademark as such has been recently renewed along with a curious mention of virtual reality devices (via Wccftech). As we can see in a Reddit post from LeaksAndRumorsthe company has renewed other trademarks, although Silent Hill has been the most remarkable by far.

Unfortunately, no further information about the brand renewal has emerged, although we want to make it clear that the fact that Konami has updated it does not directly mean that they have new titles planned in the future. However, it suggests that the studio could be interested in continuing the saga at some point and, by the mention of virtual reality headsets, take it to new ground thanks to the immersion provided by this new technology. If we are guided by a rumor that emerged in October 2021, everything indicates that Silent Hill and other series like metal gear solid they might have a comeback.

The latest rumors about Silent Hill

One of the latest rumors about the return of this mythical horror and survival saga suggests that Kojima Productions could be developing a new installment, although we insist that it is not something confirmed. However, to add fuel to the fire, the film director Guillermo del Toro, who has collaborated on occasion with Hideo Kojima himself, has tried to provoke Konami to resurrect the long-awaited IP. We will see a new Silent Hill in the next few years? At the moment, the answer to this question is a mystery, although fans do not lose hope and even imagine what it would look like.

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