Legends of Kingdom Rush review. Review with game experience, gameplay, trailer and price

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  Legends of Kingdom Rush review. Review with game experience, gameplay, trailer and price

I’ve never liked tower defense, so you can imagine my joy when I started playing the first Kingdom Rush And I knew I wasn’t going to let this go until I finished it. He was excited to see what else Ironhide Game Studios could do.

His last big step has been to launch Legends of Kingdom Rusha tactical RPG in roguelite format full of heroes, abilities and level ups that, despite landing on Apple Arcade in November of last year, now reaches Steam so that we can enjoy it in a big way and with a mouse. And boy have we done it.

A nice gender swap

Taking advantage of the characters and art style of its popular tower defense saga, Legends of Kingdom Rush reduces its classic paths to a map in which we must choose where we go to get from point A to B.

With the tactical grid combat as great protagonists, our heroes begin in A, a ringleader to choose between six characters and two other support fighters with options ranging from the dwarf who leaves explosive bombs to the archer who shoots poisoned arrows at a great distance.

The substance is that, to get to point B, we will be completing narrative and random events in which to get prizes, buy objects in stores, add experience for our characters or, if we are lucky, have a new hero join our ranks to help us end the reign of terror of the area boss that awaits us at the end of the road.

The sum of characters, abilities and possible paths on a map that is generated randomly every time we enter one of its worlds is what ensures that, despite its difficulty, trying a new game again is never too difficult for us.


His other great asset is, of course, in combat. In Legends of Kingdom Rush We are faced with two types of experience gains that keep the difficulty alive and the interest of continuing to play and unlocking heroes based on completing special objectives.

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The interesting loop and experimentation of Legends of Kingdom Rush

The first is the one that belongs to the game in each scenario. Going into a map, even if it’s the sixteenth time we’ve done it, we do it with our heroes at the lowest level of their abilities.

As we progress through the mapping, completing events and combats, the experience gained will allow us to improve this or that other hero in search of unlocking the two additional skills that we can add in each attempt.


In the strategy of choosing which heroes you level up first and which skills you choose because you are going to need them in subsequent fights -those of area attacks are essential, to give the clearest example-, there is a large part of the learning that you are going to live in the game.

The good news is that, thanks to his soul of rogueliteeach attempt will make the character sheet also gain experience and level up, which will allow us to access the choice of characters in future games. new habilities which until then had been permanently blocked.

Needless to say, with the sum of all the characters and abilities waiting to be unlocked and leveled up, you already have Legends of Kingdom Rush for a while, but between the difficulty of its combats and the possibilities when looking for new synergies and strategies you won’t get bored either.


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VidaExtra’s opinion

Without having been enthusiastic in the same way that its tower defense aspects did in its day, I must admit that the good times at the controls of this Legends of Kingdom Rush I have been pleasantly surprised.

It may be that, regardless of whether you opt for normal or casual mode, the depth when dealing with combat is not too complex. Not because of its difficulty, eye, who knows how to put you on the ropes and his hand does not shake when doing it despite his sympathetic appearance.

But it is easy to know where the dangers are going to come from and at what moment the tank must be the one that is positioned in the front line so that all the plans go well. Luckily the surprises that await in the fights, especially in the final bossesThey are well worth it.


Legends of Kingdom Rush






iOS and PC (reviewed version)
Ironhide Game Studio
Ironhide Game Studio
July 14, 2022

The best

  • A good portion of tactical combat

  • Wide variety of characters, abilities and events

  • A good way to revitalize the saga


  • Not all heroes are equally useful

  • Its difficulty can become very bloody

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