Miles Morales becomes the biggest villain of the Avengers

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  Miles Morales becomes the biggest villain of the Avengers

Savage Avengers #4 shows how Miles Morales became an incredibly sinister new villain.

Miles Morales becomes the biggest villain of the Avengers 08/17/2022 04:00

A preview of the comic Marvel’s Savage Avengers #4 has shown an adult version of the character Miles Morales becoming a powerful villain capable of facing off against the well-known Marvel grouping of the avengers.

Savage Avengers #4 Shows How Miles Morales Became An Incredibly Sinister New Villain

Savage Avengers #4 has been made by writer David Pepose and the artistic section has been left in the hands of the cartoonist Charles the Great. The end of Savage Avengers #3 shows the character Deathlok, a cyborg who comes from the future and who has managed to catch the savage avengers including some great characters such as Conan, Elektra, Cloak, Dagger, Black Knight, Anti-Venom and Weapon Hamong others.

In that preview provided by the publisher marvel comicswe are shown the dark past that this twisted version of Miles Morales recreated in the villain deathlock. The flashback features an adult Miles working alongside Riri Williams/Ironheart to stop doctor octopus. Judging by the comments of Thousandsthe doctor octopus seems to have killed peter parker and now he’s unleashing an attack on the USA. While it is true that the flashbacks cut short after Thousands suit up and prepare for battle, the main scene is known as the moment that changed everything. Later it is shown how he became Miles Morales in the villain that is now with a new jump to the past as a flashback. This is the official synopsis for Savage Avengers #4:

Who deathlock? Tasked with hunting down Conan the Barbarian, the cybernetic hunter known as deathlock now he must accept his past and face the consequences. Conan has ended up in the hands of Thulsa Doom and the Savage Avengers must turn to the darkest sources for help and save their friend. How did the sacrifice of a hero lead to the end of the world? Without their ticket allowing them to return to their time, the savage avengers They must put together a plan to stop Set’s return in the past, or the villain will destroy everything in his path.

Savage Avengers #4 is already available.

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