Mojang clarifies if Minecraft will include NFTs in the future

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  Mojang clarifies if Minecraft will include NFTs in the future

Fans of the game can breathe easy.

Mojang clarifies if Minecraft will include NFTs in the future 07/21/2022 23:45

minecraft is today one of the great video games in the industrywhile the title created by Mojang has huge potential. This is something that fans have shown on several occasions, such as recently recreating the opening scene of one of the most legendary Star Wars movies in the franchise.

Given this, it should be noted that although the title is constantly receiving new updates, the truth is that a current fear within the video game industry in general (due to its impact), as well as among fans is the fact that there is a possibility that Minecraft adds NFTsthis being a technology whose bubble has not only burst, but is being seen to be the subject of speculation.

Minecraft will have neither blockchain nor NFTs

Mojang clarifies if Minecraft will include NFTs in the future Apple abandona Mac OS X Tiger y entierra los PowerPc

One of the main Minecraft artworks

Given this concern, the game’s development team, Mojang, have made a public statement on this issue, thus allowing fans to breathe easy, since have confirmed that there will be no NFTs in Minecraft because these are against game policy.

Now, the negative part comes from the reason why they have given this statement now, since they would have detected that on some Minecraft servers NFTs were being offered to playersthis being quite dangerous if we take into account that part of the public of the title are minors.

Thus, Mojang rejects any type of use of its brand with this technology and that of blockchain, at the same time that they have made it more than clear that they don’t want a culture that separates rich players from those who don’t have that muchalso adding that it is a market where scams and fraudulently inflated prices prevail.

Given all this, it only remains to hope that from Mojang they keep their word, being so, in fact, this statement also comes after the bubble has burstthere are currently NFTs that they are worth nothing and thereby causing multimillion-dollar losses.

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