Moss Book 2, analysis. Review with game experience, gameplay, trailer and price

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  Moss Book 2, analysis. Review with game experience, gameplay, trailer and price

Wherever the roller coaster of virtual reality survival takes us, whether reaching resounding success or crashing against the most resounding of failures, there I will be defending tooth and nail that, just because of the Moss saga, already it will have been worth it.

The good ideas of the former grow and explode here in a Moss: Book 2 that is still not Half-Life Alyx and still doesn’t need it. It is, by itself, a compelling reason to look at the virtual realitybut also one of the most impressive video games of recent years.

Virtual reality is much more than guns

I missed your assault on PlayStation VR and I ended up playing it when it came to Quest 2, but I recommend that you try it wherever you can or, even better, where you can enjoy it the most. It is still not the most technically demanding game in the world, but it is without a doubt the one that has best understood that not all virtual reality games have to put a gun in your hands to demonstrate their immersion.

I am aware to what extent both the first and this Moss: Book 2 they need virtual reality to make a modicum of sense. In other words, it would be a good game without playing it through glasses, but it would lose a lot of its essence. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but I guess you can’t deny me that The Last of Us wouldn’t be the same played on an NES either.

Much of the achievement of the Polyarc saga, now with a bulging muscle that has allowed them to correct that interrupted coitus of the first installment, giving a closing in style to the endearing little mouse Quill. It does not seem that there is a book 3 on the horizon, so those who ended up slightly disappointed with the end of the first installment can rest easy here.

Not only do they grow in ambition in terms of an outcome – to frame, by the way – but also in possibilities and in knowing how to measure a rhythm much better in which the integration of puzzles, combats and the addition of new skills is a masterful exercise in adventure development.


If you’re still here and haven’t jumped into playing it yet, let me dig deeper into what it is Moss: Book 2 and, above all, what has led me to drop my glasses with the feeling of being a child again and discovering what a video game is for the first time.

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Some scenarios where it’s nice to get lost

After a brief summary that puts us in a situation after four years of waiting to continue the adventure, Moss: Book 2 gives us back control of the reader to accompany Quill on the journey to save the world from Moss. Sword in hand, he has to recover the rest of the stones that should put an end to the coming collapse.

As the reader, we are one more character on the stage, an entity with a fixed position in each of the dioramas that we will visit that, in addition to controlling Quill’s movement, jump and attacks, we can also manipulate the environment with our hands, for example , move a stone that allows the protagonist to continue on her way.

Moss Book II

Let’s say that if the stage is made up of a corridor that leads to some stairs and behind them there is a room, our view will jump from zone to zone as Quill advances enough. They are, so to speak, small screens with their own identity that do not require loading time to jump from one to another.

And in Moss: Book 2 more than in the first, that of one’s own identity is even more important. I have lost count of the times that I have been completely stunned by the little details that make up each of the rooms that we will go through. It is incredible how the game offers you, with the minimum, the feeling that you are that aforementioned reader enjoying in the first person the ruins of the castle that you have before you.

On a new level, even more special if possible, this sequel changes the feeling of being in front of a beautiful diorama for that of being inside a video game. Perhaps because on this occasion the union between rooms is more present on stage, or because at all times it allows you to turn around in search of references that make you understand the magnitude of the world Quill walks through. What from the outside are a lot of polygons in view of someone who has already seen everything, inside the glasses is magic through the eyes of a child. Trucos, Productos, Consejos y de todo para lucir un espectacular cabello rizado Todo para pelo rizado

Moss Book II

An adventure that never dies

But despite the improvements, for nice we already had the first Moss, and here we came looking for something more, especially in the playable. Fortunately, its creators have not been idle and, although the lack of variety in the enemies is still there with few changes, in everything else the leap in quality and ambition is enormous.

I don’t want to talk more about the account because the surprises are very worthwhile, but it will suffice to say that the sword falls short, that there are more weapons available, and that all of them have a special power that, in addition to speeding up and facilitating combat , they will also serve as an excuse to play much more and much better with the puzzles.

In a clear improvement over the first adventure, Moss: Book 2 He has learned to better manage the rhythm of the adventure to slowly but surely throw us a collection of very well measured events. Now a bit of history, now a puzzle, now a fight, now a beautiful setting, and now a plot twist.

Moss Book II

I’m not lying when I tell you that you never stop, and even when you have to retrace a path you’ve already made or take an alternative route in search of a secret that may have been left behind, even there there are enough novelties or surprises to make the walk worthwhile. grief.

The variety in the puzzles, especially supported by those new abilities mentioned earlier, but also by what seems to be a self-imposed rule not to repeat ideas too much, makes going through them much more rewarding than in the first game. I can’t say the same about the fights, which are still one step behind of everything else, but it makes up for it with some memorable final bosses that I have enjoyed with a smile from ear to ear.

VidaExtra’s opinion

Moss: Book 2 It continues to be a much shorter game than anyone who falls for its nets would like, but at least you don’t have the feeling that it’s over just when things began to promise, something that undoubtedly marked a lot of opinions compared to the first game.

This time there are no excuses. This time Moss: Book 2 deserves with all honors the recognition that was denied to the first. This time she has to kneel before him and venerate him as the endearing and hilarious jewel that she is. Hopefully it makes everything we talk about VR from now on less about metaverses and more about little mice talking in sign language.

Moss: Book 2


Moss: Book 2






PS4, PC and Meta Quest 2 (reviewed version)
March 31, 2022

The best

  • A superb artistic work

  • A bigger and more ambitious adventure

  • Boss fights suck


  • Keep passing by in a breath

  • A little more variety of enemies would have been to be crowned

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