My Hero Academia aims to bring back a beloved character

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  My Hero Academia aims to bring back a beloved character


It is a tragic character due to his past.

One of the great anime and manga today is My Hero Academiathis being the story starring Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, and who is a person who was born without any gift in a world in which 80% of people were born with powers, causing this to exist both heroes and villains. And it is just under this same argument that we see the growth of this character with the goal of becoming the greatest hero that ever lived.

It is for all this that it can be seen as My Hero Academia has crossed borders to the point of being one of the most popular anime and manga today. In fact, it has recently been announced that Crunchyroll will add a fun OVA to its repertoire for everyone in order to get the most out of this license, in which they have been able to see all kinds of characters that have gone through the series. And it seems that one of these will return.

Eri would return to My Hero Academia, but not in the way everyone thinks

My Hero Academia's final arc will have a new editor Maltrato animal.

My Hero Academia’s final arc will have a new editor

Recently it has been seen that Eri will return to My Hero Academia, being so that this character is one of the favorites on the part of the fans knowing the past that he has had. And it seems that it seems that misfortunes do not come alone, since this return will be quite tragic, since it will be an unwitting pawn from All For Onethus giving rise to the villain using it against Deku.

In this way, the tragedy is much worse if we take into account that Eri has been living a quiet life. However, chapter 357 of the manga makes it clear that All For One intends to use Eri’s abilities to her own advantage, thus allowing her to use Rewind’s ability to return her body to a state before the death. that he has after Endeavor wounded him, as well as for the damage that All Might has caused him after so many battles. Time will tell how this story ends.

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