New Horizons Is About To Look Completely Different

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 New Horizons Is About To Look Completely Different

Though players have been outraged about DLC in the past, the “Happy Home Paradise” paid DLC will release alongside Version 2.0. “Happy Home Paradise” is integrated into the main game through a new option at the airport that lets players go to work on a nearby archipelago, taking up employment there at Paradise Planning as a designer of animal dream homes.

As seen in the “ANCH Direct,” examples of the inspired dream homes include Maple’s plush bear paradise, Doc’s children’s library, and Lopez’s slice of the big city. Multiple islands with various climates offer a healthy dose of variety, and decor options are equally vast, including the new ability to decorate a yard. In addition to all the remodeling updates, players can help set up residents as vacation roommates.

Vacant buildings will allow gamers to design places like schools, hospitals, restaurants, and more. A special Happy Home Network app will be part of the DLC so players can visit homes at their leisure, as well as share their hottest designs online and follow other creators. The expansive design capabilities will also transfer to the main island.

“Happy Home Paradise” will be available the day of the update. November 5, 2021, for $24.99, though preorders open October 29. Or, players can purchase a bundle with Nintendo Switch Online and the expansion pack.