One of the writers of Mass Effect 3 defines what the end of the game was going to be originally

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  One of the writers of Mass Effect 3 defines what the end of the game was going to be originally

The end of the trilogy caused a huge controversy on social networks.

One of the writers of Mass Effect 3 defines what the end of the game was going to be originally 07/16/2022 14:00

Although Andromeda did not manage to take off as it should, the truth is that this does not tarnish the fact that Mass Effect is considered one of the best trilogies of the video game industry, thereby giving rise to even being compared to the Star Wars of consoles. And these are big words.

Be that as it may, although it is true that many loved this Bioware trilogy, the truth is that its end caused a great controversybeing cataloged by many as something completely disappointing and that forced the study to release an update to try to fix it. In fact, although it is no longer as common a topic of debate as it was a decade ago, keep coming to the fore in some conversations.

The original ending would have been similar to the one seen, but with changes

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Artwork of Mass Effect 3, the closing of the famous Bioware trilogy

In this case, the topic has been brought up by Bioware’s own former screenwriter, Drew Karpyshyn, who has shared some details that had not been confirmed until now. This he did on Ask Me Anything on Reddit in order to promote his next book. And it is that during this round of questions he was questioned about how would he have concluded the end of mass effectgiving the surprise by mentioning that there was another ending originally even before writing the script for the third installment.

Karpyshyn points out that in this ending the Reapers would have been drawn to the Mass Relaysthese being detonated to end all of them and the network of repeaters that connect the galaxy, so that the planets would have been isolated. It should be noted before all this that this writer was not part of the writing of the script of Mass Effect 3, his work in the saga being focused on the first two installments, so he did not have a greater involvement with the end.

For all that has been said, it will be necessary to see if at some point in the future we know more about how Mass Effect could have been in the beginning. For the rest, it only remains to remember that if you want to enjoy the saga Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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