PlayStation registers a new patent to improve the game in the cloud

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  PlayStation registers a new patent to improve the game in the cloud

The future of PlayStation could go through the cloud.

PlayStation registers a new patent to improve the game in the cloud 07/20/2022 11:45

As the years go by, it is seen that the video game industry evolvesbeing so that 30 years ago the greatest technical breakthrough was 32-bit graphics while today we can see gigantic worlds full of life and the possibility of downloading those same worlds on our consoles without even having to go to the physical store to buy them to play them.

In this way, it should be noted that one of the greatest advances that is taking place around video games is seen with cloud technology, this being the one that, initially, would allow you to enjoy all kinds of games with an Internet connection as the only requirement. In fact, in that sense, Microsoft and Xbox are getting their act together.

Improving cloud gaming seems like a clear goal of this Sony patent

Jim Ryan talks about the new PlayStation Plus subscription system

Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO

Under this same premise, Sony is making a movethus giving rise to the fact that we have recently been able to discover a patent from the Japanese company that alludes to the use of multiple graphics cards simultaneously in order to improve transmissions in the cloud, based on the use of learning algorithms automatically in order to improve performance. el-conjuro-3-el-diablo-me-obligo-a-hacerlo

In fact, it has been known that this patent bears similarities to the MMO processing systemthe previous one from Sony, which has led us to think that this company is looking for new ideas to strengthen its technology, even though with this system two or more processors could download data in the cloud intelligently.

PlayStation registers a new patent to improve the game in the cloud

New Sony patent related to cloud technology

Given this, it will be necessary to see if Sony finally ends up giving out this technology, since the fact that a company patents something does not mean that it will use it. Just leaving the idea registered just in case. In any case, it must be said that Sony is investing heavily in its expansion to PCbeing the main example of this its exclusive releases on this platform.

For all these reasons, it remains to be seen whether in some near or distant future we will be able to enjoy PlayStation games without a consolethis being something that is already being seen as Xbox and its compatibility with Smart TVs.

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