Pokémon Scarlet and Purple reveal new movements, objects and other Pokémon of the ninth generation with their new trailer

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  Pokémon Scarlet and Purple reveal new movements, objects and other Pokémon of the ninth generation with their new trailer

The 2022 Pokémon World Championship has come to an end and, as promised by The Pokémon Company, the closing ceremony of this great tournament has left us with a new trailer of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple that has focused on the battles that we will get to fight.

This has served to reveal two new moves that the Pokémon can use: Autonomy, with which we will create a substitute for our Pokémon and immediately afterwards it will be exchanged for another of the team, and Teraexplosion, whose type will vary depending on the teracrystallization that has been used.

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In fact, the Teracrystallization technique, which was presented with the last preview of these new deliveries, has come back on stage to show it in style. Thus we have been able to appreciate how the types of Pokémon will vary depending on the stone used, so this will open up a wide range of possibilities during battles. Mares Interiores del Mundo

Also, they have been shown two new items that will join the gigantic list of existing ones: Copy Herb, which when consumed will copy the enemy’s characteristic increases, and Gimmicked Dice, with which multiple attack movements will be able to hit even more times.

pokemon cycle

And all the surprises have not ended there, because the occasion has been used to present a new Pokemon called Cyclize, Dragon / Normal type, so we already know another one that will be part of the ninth generation of the saga that will appear for the first time in the Paldea region. All this from November 18 when Pokemon Scarlet and Purple come to Nintendo Switch.

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