Resistance, Concentration and Recovery Training

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  Resistance, Concentration and Recovery Training

The arrival of Dragon Ball in Fortnite has brought a good amount of aesthetic (skins) and playable content, such as the islands to watch the episodes, the Kamahameha weapon and the Flying Cloud to move quickly. On this occasion, I continue to tell you what the missions belonging to the Dragon Ball event are.

Under the name of Warm up, Trainings (Combat, Strength, Agility, Resistance and Concentration) and Recovery, Epic Games has added missions to unlock many of the dragon ball rewardsincluding a very, very special hang glider.

Endurance training

  • Complete Endurance Training Missions: 3 missions – Reward: x1 Dragon Ball.

  • If you can survive Earth’s gravity multiplied by 100, you will survive a few phases of the storm: survive 10 storm phases – Reward: 2M Energy.

  • Drink a lot of juice: get 150 shield in 3 different games – Reward: 2M Energy.

  • Good job! You’re almost there! (Phase 1/3): land at the Sprouting Sawmill and then reach the highest point of Twisting Tunnels – Reward: 3M Energy.

  • Find islands in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball section of Discover (5642-8525-5429): Collect 100 capsules on the Dragon Ball Adventure Island – 3M Energy.

  • Find islands in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball section of Discover (5642-8525-5429): collect a Dragon Ball in the Dragon Ball adventure island – Reward: 4M Energy.

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Concentration Training

  • Complete Focus Training Missions: 3 missions – Reward: x1 Dragon Ball.

  • We will need much more than simple mind games to stop them: land headshots while aiming down sights – Reward: 2M Energy.

  • Your power is still far superior to his: deal damage (200) to a player 75 meters away or more with scoped weapons – Reward 3M Energy.

  • If you have to use a weapon, make it a good one: pick up a rare or higher rarity item from the ground within 3 seconds of landing from the battle bus (3 times) – Reward: 3M Energy.

  • With this you should have a good angle: Deal damage to a player with the Kamehameha before landing with the Flying Cloud (1 time) – Reward: 4M Energy.

  • Going to driving school helps improve concentration: travels a certain distance in a vehicle on asphalt (750) – Reward: 4M Energy.

  • Riding on a Flying Cloud is not the only way to fly: swing on 5 different trees with a hook glove without touching the ground – Reward: 4M Energy.


  • Complete Recovery Missions: 3 missions – Reward: x1 Dragon Ball.

  • Work hard, study hard and eat and rest a lot (Phase 1/2): recover 50 health by resting in a tent – Reward: 2M Energy.

  • Studying martial arts is not an easy task: warm up by a campfire and recover 50 health – Reward: 3M Energy.

  • Use the tail, if you have one: fishing in Arrecife Arboleda, Monumental Monument and Button Landing – Reward: 4M Energy.

  • The food of this planet is delicious: Recover 500 health during or after a duel by eating meat or a fish – Reward: 4M Energy.

  • Go and catch a fish or something: use a fishing rod to hook a loot shark – Reward: 4M Energy.

Energy is used to progress through this “Dragon Ball: Power Unleashed!” mini-battle pass, which includes themed rewards: sprays, effects, and an emote. 20 peinados sencillos grunge para looks increíbles

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More Dragon Ball missions:

You have until August 30 to complete all missions. Each of these trainings awards a Dragon Ball. If you do the math, there are a total of 7 workouts… which coincide with the 7 Dragon Balls from Dragonball. If you manage to get them, you will get Shenlong’s glider.

Shelong Fortnite Dragon Ball

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