Ron Gilbert has not yet released Return to Monkey Island and is already imagining the return of Maniac Mansion as a remaster

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  Ron Gilbert has not yet released Return to Monkey Island and is already imagining the return of Maniac Mansion as a remaster

Yes Ron Gilbert has become a legend of the video game industry has been thanks to unforgettable graphic adventures. With Return to Monkey Island just around the corner, the developer has imagined returning to another of his most memorable titles, such as Maniac Mansion.

Released in 1987 for Commodore 64 and Apple, it has the peculiarity of being the first work that Lucasfilm Games published. Now, from his Twitter account, Gilbert has played with the possibility of making a remaster for the game and adding succulent changes.

Absolutely! Should only take a couple of months.

— David “the Talking Skull” Fox🌻 (@DavidBFox) July 1, 2022

It would be fun to do a Maniac Mansion remaster that had the same story and setting, but 50% new puzzles and maybe a new playable character. Are you in, David Fox? Totally! It should only take a couple of months. Todo sobre gatos, nombres de gatos y razas de gatos Blog sobre gatos

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Relive the adventures of Dave Miller? Of course it is a possibility that is on the table and David Fox himself, now the main programmer of the Return of Guybrush Threepwood, has assured that it is aimed without hesitation. According to him, in a couple of months the entire job should be completed.

The truth is that Fox is another member of the original team that gave us Maniac Mansion. We had a sequel in the form of Day of the Tentacle, which has been revised for current systems. However, a time jump of 35 years at the graphic level would be a really drastic change.

However, for now it is nothing more than a free thought that Gilbert has published, so it is time to cross your fingers that it becomes a reality. The creative is still pending Return to Monkey Islandof which he has assured that he will not share more content due to the toxic criticism of some fans.

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