schedules, conferences, attending companies and everything you need to know

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  schedules, conferences, attending companies and everything you need to know

It has taken two long years for Gamepolis to be held again, but the great Malaga video game festival has everything ready and arranged so that its return does not go unnoticed: in addition to hosting the finals of the R6 Spain Nationals, will be sponsored by very powerful partners who have already confirmed their attendance. It’s more, Nintendo will have a space of almost a thousand square meters in the main pavilion of the festival.

The eighth edition of Gamepolis will be held from July 22, 2022offering attendees more than 1,000 gaming positions, guests

What can we expect from June the year there is no E3?

international, an indie area and even a space for the big brands to exhibit their plans for the future and their imminent launches. Going a month ahead of Gamescom 2022, everything is said.

In Extra Life we will be body present in gamepolis 2022, but until that happens, we anticipate its celebration by bringing together in one place all the plans and conferences related to the world of videogames and announced to date. From the confirmed attendees to the competitive events, starting with the format and the date on which this edition will be held.

Dates, speakers and format of Gamepolis 2022

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gamepolis 2022 days will be celebrated July 22, 23 and 24 in Malaga, the Costa del Sol of Andalusia. Specifically in FYCMA, the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga right next to the fairgrounds and very close to the City of Justice and the University of Malaga itself. It has the participation of the City Council and the Youth Area and in this eighth edition it aims to revalidate itself as the largest Video Game Festival in southern Europe.

the tickets on sale now, varying between 12 euros per day and different three-day subscriptions that also allow access to open competitions for FIFA, Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant or Super Smash Bros., among others. In addition, there are different subscriptions to access the VIP areas. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult and children under 5 years of age do not pay admission.

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The format is fully face-to-face and participatory with open competitions, concerts and tournaments organized according to registration, free play areas and a program of shows and conferences in which creators and personalities related to the world of video games will participate. In addition, a transmission through Gamepolis TV will start from the official Twitch channel.

Although the schedules have not been established and several attendees remain to be confirmed, the following conferences have been confirmed

  • Hernan Basso, of Epic Games: How to start developing video games

  • Eva Gaspar, CEO of Abylight Studios: Abylight, the madwoman of remaining independent

  • Koyuki from the channel the red potion: How to be a retro youtuber and make a living from it

  • Alexander Elósegui and Sergio Villar, from Wild Cat Records: The art of music behind video games: what hides a soundtrack

  • Ramon Planas, from the channel Ray Bacon: Dad, mom I want to be a youtuber

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No less interesting, on Friday the 22nd the pianist Elesky will offer a concert of video game soundtracks, the Malaga-born spoksponha will rhyme the events and throughout the days the violinist Tiavoli Gaming will participate offering another concert of soundtracks. For his part, Jose Altozano (DayoScript) will participate on Saturday and Ray Snakeyes will give a conference on horror games and will play live.

Finally, a game of Fall Guys influencers will be organized in which a check of 1,000 euros is at stake for the benefit of the NGO chosen by the winner.

Gamepolis 2022: attendees, exhibitors and confirmed companies

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The first companies that have announced their participation in the event have already been announced, and the names speak for themselves: Nintendo, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Red Bull, Supercell and Riotamong others.

By Nintendo, is one of the sponsors of the festival and, as we mentioned, it will have a space of almost a thousand square meters in the main pavilion. The plans have not been detailed, but in the last edition it was possible to try some of the most recent releases and there were even demos of games announced months before they came out, including Pokémon Sword and Shield or Luigi’s Mansion 3.

It will be time to cross your fingers so that there is an opportunity to play Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, especially if we take into account that it is a delivery inspired by Spain. However, we already know that there will be a bullfight Super Smash Bros. and even a Pokémon Zone.


On Ubisoft’s part, the highlight will be the finals of the R6 Spain Nationals, the professional league for Rainbow Six: Siege.


Riot Games will be present and it has been confirmed that the Storm Circuit, the main amateur competition in League of Legends Y valorant, will have a strong presence during the days of the festival.


Regarding the competitions, Supercell will carry Clash Royale and it will not be the only one: there will be tournaments of FIFA, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Counterstrike, Geometry Dash, a Minecraft Battle Royale and even games of Among Us with 70 crew members. And less competitively, retro zones and free play spaces including a Free Play area with dozens of Xboxes.

GameInvest, the professional space of Gamepolis


As occurs at E3 or Gamescom, the Malaga video game festival will have a professional space encompassed under the umbrella of GameInvest, in which the main objective is to serve as a link between connecting developers, creatives and different agents in the video game sector by searching for sources of financing, attracting talent, promoting marketing and direct promotion.

Part of this effort falls on the indie zone itself, open to all attendees and enabled in the middle of the events, in which new projects and emerging studios will be shared; but also through areas enabled to promote contact between professionals.


In any case, an opportunity for small studios and creatives to participate in Gamepolis 2022. And, between professional conferences and activities, an indie gala It will take place on the afternoon of July 24.

Activities, classical games and concerts

gamepolis 2022

The premise of Gamepolis is to offer a participatory environment for everyone. In addition to the areas set up for the participating companies and the large space dedicated to eSports, there will also be contests, exhibitions, virtual reality areas, cosplay initiatives (including a special category of Nintendo characters) and different recreation areas. There will even be a Meme contest on the Discord server.



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Special mention to the participation of Santiago Bustamante, who will take his radio program System failure Radio 3 will broadcast it from the auditorium on Saturday and Sunday, at 1:00 p.m.


As far as concerts are concerned, there will be a lot and everything: in addition to the participation of Elesky, Tiavoli Gaming, Ray Snakeyes or Spoksponha, the good people of Games & Symphonies will give a great concert at the video game fair. And without detaching ourselves from the buses, on July 24 at 8:00 p.m. the Red Bull Battle Last Chancethe last pass until the national final of red bull battle with eight participants from all over Spain.


Now, pixel lovers and those who are nostalgic for lifelong arcades will also have an excuse to visit the Palacio de Ferias de Málaga: the Video Game Museum of Arcade Planet will invade hundreds of square meters with a huge selection of arcade machines.

The past, present and future of videogames will meet on the Costa del Sol in a matter of days. From concerts to talks, through the excitement of eSports and the charm of the classics of a lifetime. A round plan in which we hope to find, in addition, a bit of Nintendo magic.

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