Skyrim’s cooperative mode could be much better with this mod

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  Skyrim’s cooperative mode could be much better with this mod

The Skyrim Togheter developers have put a lot of effort into fixing the bugs in one of the most popular Skyrim mods.

Skyrim's cooperative mode could be much better with this mod 07/17/2022 23:00

Skyrim has been in the video game market for many years for several good reasons. This grim and epic adventure has allowed players to undertake some of the most exciting explorations and battle against terrifying enemies throughout the entire gaming experience. However, we must not forget that time has also passed in the vast and snowy territories of Tamriel and there are things that have certainly changed since its launch in 2011. One fact is that the Bethesda installment kept a large number of secrets and tricks for that their fans were discovering them over the years; but, to tell the truth, the same fans have also had their respective incidence so that the game continues in the main topics of the gaming community.

Many of the modders have created some of the most interesting content for Skyrim, according to their concerns and needs, as well as giving the delivery a personalized touch that any fan would be excited to have on their device. And the modifications that the modders have made are based on some of the most popular aspects of the ARPG.


The mod that allows you to enjoy Skyrim as a multiplayer

An example of this is Skyrim Together Reborn, which is a modification of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition that has stood out from most mods that have the same focus thanks to the implementation of a cooperative mode. In this way, the popularity of the mod was notable thanks to the downloads it has had in just one week, exceeding 56,800 (according to PC Gamer). The latter is not surprising since enjoying Skyrim missions with your friends is a true fantasy come true for fans of the saga.

In addition to the above, after the multiplayer mod was released earlier this month, the developers have mentioned that they will be making an update to fix some of the mod’s bugs.

Update 1.1.0 eliminates, for your better understanding, killcams, which could prevent enemies from dying after a fatal attack. This means that now you no longer have to install a separate “no killcam” mod as a solution to this problem. Enemies will even now attack in a better distributed way to members of the whole group instead of focusing on destroying their leader. Trucos y guías de los videojuegos más populares de pc, ps4, xbox, wii, android o iphone Trucos y guías de videojuegos

As they have made it known in the patch notes, which you can consult at Reddit, there are other errors similar to this one. But the truth is that the list of servers is back, the user interface is much more stable compared to the previous one and other problems have been solved. Although, predictably, other bugs have persisted, they noted, such as arrow pickup, werewolf transformation consistency, and noticeable bugs in the favorites menu.

All of the above involves some of the most significant changes due to the nature of the mod. In a certain way, making a game as massive as Skyrim work as a multiplayer is not a new idea, however, it is interesting that a team of developers has taken on the task of correcting the large number of bugs in such a short period of time. . In other words, The creators behind the mod have reiterated their commitment to the project and their desire to move forward to give Skyrim Together Reborn a better focus..

However, the news does not end here. The developers of the mod -which is open source- intend to expand it with the participation of other editors who provide better nuances to the project. In this sense, the creators stated that “there is still a lot of work that can be done, such as creating a scripting API, implementing features such as time synchronization, making additional bug and glitch fixes, making the missions more fluid or finishing Fallout Together” .


Unfortunately, You will have to do a new installation of the mod to get the update, uninstalling the old version and replacing it with 1.1.0. The important thing is that your saved games will not be deleted with this action and you will already be able to enjoy an improved version of the mod.

Thus, the modders have shown a lot of hard work as they continually strive to provide a better experience for Skyrim players. It is possible that at some point Bethesda will take this type of content as a reference for its next installment, The Elder Scrolls VI, which is in development.

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