So Predator conquers the different planets he finds

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  So Predator conquers the different planets he finds

The Predator comic explores how they are able to conquer the entire universe.

This is how Predator conquers the different planets it finds 08/16/2022 04:00

In most of the movies and comics tied to the franchise of predator, the conflicts of this curious alien form have occurred mainly with human beings. However, it is implied that the universe is actually like a kind of zoo for them filled with prey for them to hunt.

The Predator comic explores how they are able to conquer the entire universe

That is why their attacks are not limited only to the species of the Land. However, aside from a few rare exceptions, we haven’t been privy to how they interact with other alien races. There are endless storyline possibilities that could be explored when examining how these galactic hunters feud with other alien races.

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This type of conquest has been seen in a new comic by predator. There is evidence of these hunts throughout the universe that have been seen in the first issue of predator #1 which has been made by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker. This curious story takes place in the year 2056 and allows us to know a little more about how the race works predator. The comic features Thetawho is a human hunter who travels through space in search of the predator who killed his parents when he was young. With the help of different kinds of advanced technology he has managed to kill many predatorsbut none of them match the description of the one who killed his family.

Theta He has already crossed six planets looking for him and during his long search he has met another alien race that had previously been attacked by the predator. Although they seem friendly at first, his trauma triggers it. Thetasince he wears a helmet that he took from a predator dead. Seeing this as a threat from her, they fire her entire arsenal at her and chase her as she attempts to return to her ship. Through this brief encounter, she observes the profound effect that the predators they have had in all the species they have attacked.

This is how Predator conquers the different planets it finds

Throughout many occasions, it has been mentioned that the deadly race of the predators They have considered the galaxy as a kind of personal hunting ground that they can use whenever they want. Aside from having exotic skulls in his trophy rooms aboard his spaceship, his history and encounters with other aliens have never mattered until now. Much of the stories have seemed to focus on their earthly presence and use it to explore how human ingenuity can defeat this alien race. This makes sense because the audience can relate better to the human protagonists and it’s interesting to see how the characters interact. predators with scenarios familiar to all human beings.

All that being said, there is another powerful yet iconic confirmed extraterrestrial race that the predators have fought: the Xenomorphs. They are a wild species that became famous thanks to the films known as Alien. From the decade of 1990, darkhorsepublisher that had the rights to Predator before Marvel, published the comic book series of alien vs predatorand the two species would even test their strength on the big screen with the movie alien vs predator released in 2004 and its sequel 2007, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Although it is true that the critical reception of the comics has been quite positive, the films have been criticized for being considered a bad product that only sought to make money and that this affected the prestige of both franchises.

This is how Predator conquers the different planets it finds

Because the current series of Marvel stars a character who travels from planet to planet looking for his family’s killer, hopefully Theta will have more opportunities to encounter other alien races who have suffered damage from the predators in a much more forced way. Through your interactions with them, the reader can also see what impact they have had on all of them. This will humanize this universe and in turn make it more relatable. The possibilities that this allows are practically endless. With several more issues left in the miniseries, there is no doubt that there is still a lot to see about the predators across the vast universe.

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