Sony confirms blocking the accumulation of subscriptions to PS Plus and PS Now before the arrival of the new format

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  Sony confirms blocking the accumulation of subscriptions to PS Plus and PS Now before the arrival of the new format

There were several users who began yesterday to alert about the situation. Sony prevented many gamers from extending their subscriptions to playstation plus Y Playstation Now through prepaid cards. This is because the community noticed a simple trick.

If you have a subscription to both services, Sony will convert you to the PlayStation Plus Premium format when the new tiers arrive. This is the one that provides the most advantages and will also set the expiration date of the subscription to the latest date you had. Obviously, if we accumulate months, include them in the subscription and wait for the change, we will win because of the economic difference.

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Now, through its official pageSony has confirmed that indeed will prevent users from being able to use this ploy. If we go to the FAQ section, we can read the following:

As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, we’re working behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our current members. As part of this work, we have temporarily disabled membership stacking for existing customers until after launch. You can rest assured that your voucher code is still valid and can be redeemed when your current subscription expires and is deactivated, or when the new PlayStation Plus service is launched in your area, whichever comes first. Salsa de crema de tofu, albahaca y tomate cherry (como la de mascarpone, pero vegana)

Although if we are subscribed to PS Now or PS Plus individually we can exchange the codes, it is in the combination of both that the blocking occurs. Taking this situation into account, it will be necessary to redeem vouchers after new PlayStation Plus is activated in the different territories. Therefore, Sony considers two scenarios:

You don’t have an active subscription

When the codes for PlayStation Plus are redeemed, you will receive a PlayStation Plus Essential subscription time equal to the code. That is, one month of PS Plus subscription will be transformed into one month of PS Plus Essential.

In the case of having a PlayStation Now code, access to PlayStation Plus Premium will be granted during the time equivalent to the monetary value of the code. For example, a code for one month of PS Now will provide access to approximately 3 weeks of PlayStation Plus Premium

You have an active subscription

Here things get a bit more complicated. A code for one month of PS Plus will be converted into three weeks of PlayStation Plus Extra or about 2.5 weeks of PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony link to a conversion table so that it is clear to us what the change will be like.

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