Steam offers one of the best action and adventure games of recent years at 70%

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  Steam offers one of the best action and adventure games of recent years at 70%


Take advantage of Steam discounts to buy Control much cheaper now.

There are video games for every taste: action, adventure, science fiction, shooting… All these ingredients can be found in Control, the latest proposal from the creators of Alan Wake that has surprised everyone. Besides for his artistic direction which was awarded at the 2019 Game Awards gala, for its enormous inspiration in the works of David Lynch. Now you can get Control Ultimate Edition at a ridiculous price with a 70% on Steamso the game for PC it only costs 11.99 euros.

It is an offer that will only be available during the weekend and ends on July 11. But a fantastic way to learn an exciting story through an incredible price. This game costs 40 euros on Steam without discount, but you can save almost 30 euros because it has a 70% discount. It is also the Ultimate Edition that contains the expansions that have been released after its release. A very complete package to discover all the game mysteries without missing anything.

Get Control Ultimate Edition at a ridiculous price: only 11.99 euros

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Jesse Faden, star of Control.

There are no excuses for boredom anymore. The steam summer sale They offer many options to play in your free time and at a spectacular price. Control is a game of action and adventure in third person with a great component of science fiction. What is most striking is the design your scenariosas well as the combat system where supernatural abilities can be used with the object fragmentation and other powers. Tu Tienda Online Especializada en Alfombras Spa para Bañera Compra AQUÍ tu Nueva Alfombra Hidromasaje para tu Baño y Disfrútala al Mejor Precio‎ Mejores Alfombras de Hidromasajes

The story takes place in the Oldest House, the headquarters of the Federal Control Office that studies altered supernatural events and then the protagonist comes into play. Is about Jesse Fadenelected new director of the Federal Office of Control who seeks answers about her brother, but meets a entity called Hiss who wants to break through a dimensional barrier into this reality.

In short, it is a essential game that you have to play On Steam it has an incredible price because it has a 70% discount. Thanks to these summer sales, you can buy Control for only 11.99 euros and save almost 30 euros on this Ultimate Edition by far additional content.

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