Superman’s marriage was saved by the one you least imagine: a villain

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  Superman’s marriage was saved by the one you least imagine: a villain


Mr. Mxyzptlk is not only a prankster, but also a cupid between Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Superman is one of the most iconic heroes who gave a different meaning to the DC Comics universe. This character was created by Jerry Sielge and Joe Shuster in 1993. But his first appearance was in Action Comics #1, while later he appeared in television shows, movies and video games with his characteristic appearance in a blue and red suit, a cape and the emblematic “S” on his chest.

According to the character’s history, Superman was born on the planet of Krypton (given the name Ka-El, at birth); but in his childhood he was sent by his parents to Earth in a tiny spaceship before his hometown of Krypton was destroyed. On Earth he was adopted by a farming couple, who named him Clark Kent.. However, as time passed, the hero discovered that he possessed superhuman abilities, such as strength and waterproof skin.

Little by little Superman became what we know today; Of course, he has a secret identity to protect his privacy, like many other heroes. But once he made room for himself in the world of justice, it was inevitable that Superman would make a few enemies.

What would be expected of all the rivals of the hero of the red cape is that they seek a way to hurt him, defeat him in a duel and even end his life. However, in this case it seems that things have taken an unexpected turn.


How could a villain help Superman?

To get into context, one of the craziest and most dangerous enemies in the world of Superman is the interdimensional Mr. Mxyzyptlk. And now it seems that got Clark Kent and Lois Lane back together.

Sure, each villain has their own characteristics and goals in the story, but the strangest of them all is Mr. Mxyzptlk. This resides in the fifth dimension, so the tyrant has powers far superior to whoever he comes from the third dimension. Curiously, Mr. Mxyzptlk is not looking to take over the world, something that would be logical for the narrative. Instead, the villain is a kind of rogue who just wants to spend his life playing pranks on Superman. And although he considers him a worthy rival, he is usually mocking with others for assuming them inferior.

Unlike any other life form that has fallen into the rogue’s hands, when it comes to setting limits, Superman has always made things clear to him, for example when he had him reveal his name backwards, a fact that caused the villain had to return to his own dimension. Trucos, Productos, Consejos y de todo para lucir un espectacular cabello rizado Todo para pelo rizado

Even though he has gotten the hero into trouble countless times, Mxyzptlk lent a hand to Superman to keep his commitment to Lois. But how did this happen?

In Superman: The Man of Steel #56 (issue by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove), Clark realizes that the eternal prankster from another dimension has returned only to annoy. But instead, Superman’s rival came back only to “help” people by granting them wishes that actually lead to more trouble. And, while the hero of Krypton tries to dodge Mxyzptlk’s antics, the latter realizes that Lois returned his engagement ring.

Curiously, Mxyzptlk tries in every way to prevent the couple from breaking up, especially with magic tricks to convince Lois to accept Superman again.. However, the mission appears to be a resounding failure. And, later on, when Superman uses the wish that allows Mxyzptlk, he expresses that he should return to the fifth dimension. So it’s during the tension that Clark and Lois finally get together to patch things up.


Mxyzptlk is considered a villain in all his letters, but it seems that his desire to help the situation was true. His methods could probably be as annoying as ever, though this time things were serious for the rogue. Of course, he did not unite the couple as he expected, however, he was the one who paved the way for them to get together again.

Of course, the relationship between Clark and Lois is one of the most popular and oldest among DC Comics fans. It has gone through its respective ups and downs, such as the reveal of the hero’s identity and culminating in marriage. What is a fact is that, despite the fact that they have gone through difficult times, it would be a hard blow for the audience and Mxyzptlk, more than anyone, knew that he had to deal with the matter in his own way and… it turned out.

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