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  The best portable gaming computers

These laptops control the temperature and reduce the noise level, to improve the gaming experience. GETTY IMAGES.These laptops control the temperature and reduce the noise level, to improve the gaming experience. GETTY IMAGES.

Playing video games is a way to have fun and be entertained that has become very popular in recent years, something that is known as the phenomenon gamer. What is it about? Electronic sports or video game tournaments, which are carried out both individually and by teams through a computer, are thus considered. Now to plunge into the world gaming It is necessary to have a quality computer, since video games generally have a very high weight and require a computer with higher performance.

There are many models, generally tower ones are used although, for greater comfort, there is the option of laptops gaming. Whether it is for daily gaming or sporadic use, they have the advantage that they allow you to play video games anywhere. Thus, we have prepared a guide with some of the best models available on Amazon.

Laptop gaming Asus TUF

The TUF Gaming F15 is a laptop of gaming Powered by an Intel Core processor for gaming, streaming, and advanced multitasking. Plus, it features GeForce GPU technology, which makes your computer run fast and speeds up load times. It has two speakers, which offer surround sound and stereo. In addition, it is designed with a quality cooling system, which keeps the laptop at a suitable temperature during use. Thus, it has ducts that remove heat and dissipate it, which favors the elimination of the noise level.

It has a powerful battery, which offers up to 12.5 hours of video playback without having to connect it to the mains. A secondary screen can be connected, if you want to play with more breadth of vision. Its optimized keyboard stands out, with backlighting so that the keys stand out and it is easier to press, which are resistant and durable.

The best portable gaming computers

the most resistant

This model has passed military tests; that include tests of drop, vibration, humidity and a confrontation to extreme temperatures.

Laptop gaming Lenovo IdeaPad

Computer gaming of great power, to improve the gaming experience. Thanks to its portable format, it allows you to enjoy the best video games anywhere, with a battery that lasts more than nine hours. It is designed with a spacious keyboard, which features blue backlighting to see the keys clearly.

It has an internal storage of 512 gigabytes and a graphics card, from the powerful NVIDIA GeForce brand. It offers a multitude of external connections, thanks to the various slots that it incorporates on its sides. In addition, it has been manufactured with a quality thermal system, which keeps the computer cool and extends its useful life.

The best portable gaming computers

high power battery

Its battery incorporates ‘Rapid Charge’ technology, which allows it to restore up to 80% of its duration with just one hour of charging.

Laptop gaming Acer Nitro

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A perfect option to enjoy video games anywhere and with optimal quality. Its Intel Core i5 processor offers great operating speed and, on the other hand, its NVIDIA graphics allow you to enjoy a quality visual experience. It has a large storage capacity, up to 232 gigabytes of RAM. Its keyboard includes backlighting, with the keys distributed in such a way as to improve the user experience.

It reproduces sharp images, with true colors on its quality screen. It has two fans and four exhaust ports, which incorporate Cool Boost technology, which allow the computer to be kept cool and at an optimal temperature to prevent wear and tear.

The best portable gaming computers

greater control

You can monitor and manage the situation of the gaming laptop in real time, thanks to its ‘Nitro Sense’ system you can have it under control and modify patterns, its temperature or the speed of the fan.

Computer gaming Lenovo Legion

Laptop designed to play video games, with a 15.6-inch screen. It has integrated 16 gigabyte RAM memory, with the possibility of expanding it up to 32 gigabytes. A fast update rate is guaranteed, with response times of three microseconds. It has an immersive 3D sound, to fully enjoy the experience of each video game.

It is automatically maintained at the right temperature and in silence, thanks to its thermal control system. Its design is light (2.4 kilograms), thin (26 millimeters) and compact. Its Full HD screen stands out, providing sharp images with exceptional color accuracy.

The best portable gaming computers

larger keyboard

Your keyboard has built-in special and larger multimedia keys, to play more dynamic and faster. In addition, it has a one-piece illuminated touch panel.

Huawei gaming laptop

This Huawei laptop is a multifunctional option for both daily use and playing video games, with a screen full view that offers an immersive visual experience. It has a quality resolution, which allows you to enjoy bright and sharp images. In addition, it reduces blue light that is harmful to the eyes thanks to its ‘Eye Comfort Mode’ technology. It is easily transported, weighing less than two kilograms, and is made of strong aluminum.

It has a built-in high-speed SSD memory, which allows it to process information and work very quickly, without interruptions. It dissipates heat effectively, thanks to its fast and silent fans. It allows you to connect the screen of the mobile phone with the computer, visualizing in large everything that is shown on the screen. smartphone. Its fast-charging USB charger is compatible with different mobile phones. Thus, it is multifunctional, practical and extra fast: it can be charged to 50% in just half an hour.

The best portable gaming computers

With fingerprint reader

It has a power button that reads the fingerprint, for greater security and speed, since it can be logged in with just one movement. Safe, fast and very easy to use.

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