The creator of Sonic 3 fuels the urban legend about Michael Jackson

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  The creator of Sonic 3 fuels the urban legend about Michael Jackson


Yuji Naka explained that he is referring to a TikTok video.

Part of the success of the video game industry is largely due to the active participation of fans in relation to their favorite games. But it would be necessary to give its respective place to the diffusion that these franchises have given so much to series or video games, so that many of them have practically become part of popular culture.

Of course, some of the most well-known and iconic video games have transcended decades after their first release, so that until now they are not only still in the experiences of the audience or players, but still give cause for extensive debates. And we can identify them in products, in anecdotes and thousands of posts circulating on the internet. But among the examples of commercial success we have several such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Super Mario Bros, Sonic and many other industry benchmarks.

About Sonic, created by Naoto Oshima and Yuji Naka, as in all franchises there are interesting details, curiosities, relevant stories shared by fans in the forums that have given their own contribution to the series published by Sega and Sonic Team. It’s no surprise that Sonic is also the subject of speculation, thanks to his popularity.. And, under these terms, it may not have surpassed Super Mario Bros, however, in the United States it was able to compete against Mickey Mouse in a poll that showed that the blue character was relatively more popular.


Michael Jackson could have participated in Sonic 3

But, returning to the subject that surrounds the character, the fan theories are sometimes too crazy, although in others they seem to have certain similarities with reality, at least, if suspicions are not confirmed at some point. And perhaps at this time what is said about Sonic is not a fact, the attitude of his creator has given much to talk about lately.

Although the topic of Michael Jackson composing the music for Sonic 3 & Knuckles is nothing new, fans have been discussing it after the creator of Sonic tweeted something quite interesting that sparked discussions. Although Sega and official sources have claimed that the singer (also known as the King of Pop) was not involved in the music of the installment and did not use his materials, fans are not entirely sure that this is the case. PICTUREBOX IMAGE VISUAL BASIC

For his part, Yuji Naka, as the creator of the brand, is aware that this myth about the third installment has been around among fans for a long time, however, the publication he recently made gave free rein to speculation of the participation of Michael Jackson. The publication we are referring to was just a tweet mentioning some changes in the music of Sonic Origins, the recent compilation of the hedgehog’s adventures. “Oh my gosh, Sonic 3’s music has changed, even though SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson’s music,” he comments in the description.


This was enough for the theory to be brought up again that for some reason Sega has not wanted to share this valuable information. The fan community was quick to respond that it was some kind of official confirmation of the collaboration.. And, after the wave of comments that seemed to hope that their suspicions were true, Naka continued with a thread where he denies everything what happened after its publication.

It is curious to think that Yuji Naka has retracted what he himself had made public. To excuse his earlier comment, quite controversial, he explained that his words they were referring to a TikTok video where the blue hedgehog can be seen dancing to a Michael Jackson song.

It is likely that we cannot know for sure if it was just a joke or a hint that proved the urban legend right. But finally Sega still does not confirm this information that, in fact, arose from the alleged statement of one of the collaborators of the King of Pop. Whatever is behind it, Yuji Naka has not lied in his tweet, since the delivery of Sonic 3, which is part of the Sonic Origins collection, does present a slightly different BSO than the one seen in the original.

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