The director of The Callisto Protocol explains what the fight will be like

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  The director of The Callisto Protocol explains what the fight will be like


Melee battle will be the main way to finish off enemies in the horror game.

The Callisto Protocol is a survival video game developed by Striking Distance Studios.. This next installment looks promising in terms of its genre: horror and adventure. Its launch is scheduled for December 2, 2022, after the direction of Glen Schofield (also creator of Dead Space) and it is the first installment of the developer.

Of course, the title perfectly describes the game, as it is set in a prison colony, called Black Iron, on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, in the year 2320, and players will embody the experience as prisoner Jacob Lee ( played by Josh Duhamel). During seclusion, Lee is forced to survive something akin to an alien invasion that takes place in the prison colony, however, this incursion seems to turn his victims into grotesque creatures that will torment anyone who gets in their way. .

The details of the gameplay of The Callisto Protocol

In such a complex scenario in which many dangers unknown to humans arise, the concept of terror suits him quite well. And because the player doesn’t know what he’s exposing himself to when walking through the corridors of the colony, it’s very likely that he wants to keep a certain distance from his targets, as we can see in Dead Space or Resident Evil. Although there is also the possibility that things do not end as expected, since some of the creatures will be waiting for a fist that leaves them unconscious to stop attacking. And, as has been implied, the design of the game and its gameplay in general has a lot to do with the latter. Especially because of the statements by the director of The Callisto Protocol, who claim that delivery combat will heavily focus on melee engagements.


In other words, Striking Distance has revealed many of the details of its next horror game, among them the tools that will be available to your players during the journey against these creatures that threaten to end any form of life on Callisto. Design Director Ben Walker recently covered everything there is to know about the game in an interview with Game Informer via IGN. Specifically, he explained how the fighting will take place and how they will have to survive the raid that radically changed the course of the colony.

To be more specific, Walker commented that the studio was “leaning to the survivability side” by making ammo hard to find in the environmentthus forcing the players to contemplate other possibilities to survive within the scenario. Jamón Ibérico de Cebo Benito Benito

“About half of our combat is hand-to-hand,” Walker said. And he explained that there will be “melee combos” that will “push the enemy away” once it’s over, just to give the player a chance to regroup and deal with any attacks from enemies.

At this point, it is clear that melee-focused gameplay is tied to creativity in the face of the need to survive. On the other hand, the trailers and the gamepaly of The Callisto Protocol have shown it. Also, as we have previously mentioned, the developers have put their own spin on the theme of survival in an environment of panic and terror. As players have to explore a world full of dark corridors, confusing exits and strange places, they will be surrounded by all kinds of monsters and evil creatures.

Even to contrast Striking Distance’s emphasis on close combat, we can understand it from the perspective of a player who is wondering if it’s worth risking his life just to come across a hideous creature and not find the answer. ammo I needed; although, of course, there is also the possibility that he can be saved through a direct confrontation with the enemy or, well, saving the weapon for something much more dangerous.


Finally, The Callisto Protocol has been compared to Dead Space since its release was announced.. And it’s not surprising since much of the team that is developing the horror game participated in the work of Dead Space. But the fact that the main weapon here is the body itself and not guns or knives, as in most games, is interesting.

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