The next Netflix adaptation already has a release date

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  The next Netflix adaptation already has a release date

Not even a week has passed since the premiere of the Resident Evil series, but Netflix’s great plan to bring video games to its video platform continues at full speed: Tekken: Lineage (Tekken: Bloodline), the anime based on the fighting saga, reappears with two and a half minutes of footage and a key date: the 18 of August It will be available to all subscribers. Interestingly, the same day as the second season of the Cuphead Show.

Developed with digital animation and an aggressive artistic style full of personality, Tekken: Lineage mixes up the events leading up to Tekken 3 -the delivery that consecrated the saga- with characters from all stages, including Leroy Smith, one of the new faces of Tekken 7 that came as DLC.

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Tekken beyond the video game: this is how the King of Iron Fist Tournament has been adapted to the small and big screen

As far as adaptation is concerned, beyond the direct implication of Katsuhiro Harada, creator of the video game saga and institution within what refers to fighting games, we can see that fighting and martial arts will have an essential weight, but also that the same special movements and combos of video games will be replicated throughout of the footage. Emborráchate de literatura porque tu resaca será la cultura

Even the sounds of King’s blows and roars say present. Little big details that make the difference.

Now, the leading role will fall on a young Jin Kazama who will discover through pain the violent fate to which the heirs of the Mishima clan are subjected. Inheriting the technique of his mother and his paternal grandfather and rubbing shoulders with the most iconic fighters in video games.

Power is everything.” At a very young age, Jin Kazama learned traditional martial arts from his mother in his family. However, he was helpless when an evil force destroyed what he held most dear and changed his life forever. Angry with himself, Jin vows revenge. To achieve this, he will seek absolute power and embark on an odyssey that will lead him to the greatest battle of all time.

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the premiere of Tekken: Lineage It will round off a summer in which Netflix has thrown itself fully at the time of covering its platform with video game sagas: in July it brought to the screens Resident Evil, on the 18th we will see the combos of Tekken and the new adventures of Cuphead and Mugman and finally on September 22 we will travel to the Night City of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. And we do not rule out that between one premiere and another the new Sonic animated series appears.

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