The Untold Truth Of Resident Evil’s Ethan Winters

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 The Untold Truth Of Resident Evil’s Ethan Winters

The first three games in the series had fixed camera angles, while “Resident Evil 4,” “5,” 6,” and the remakes of “Resident Evil 2” and “3” all utilized a third-person, over-the-shoulder, point of view. “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is the first “Resident Evil” game to feature first-person gameplay. Even most of the cutscenes are shot in this perspective.

What’s odd about this is that you never see Ethan’s face, even in the cutscenes where the camera shifts to a third-person POV. Even Capcom’s promotional material keeps his face shrouded in shadow. Many fans have speculated that Capcom’s decision to hide Ethan’s face is because they’re trying to hide a secret identity that will be revealed later, much like Booker from “Bioshock Infinite.”

Capcom has been quiet about why they’ve made this decision, but producer Peter Fabino stated in issue 185 of PlayStation Official Magazine (via Game Informer) that the team “wanted to continue to have players experience the game through the eyes of protagonist Ethan Winters.” This seems to indicate that they wanted him to serve more as an avatar for the player than as a character with his own face and personality. Consequently, this is most likely why so many find him to be the most forgettable protagonist in the series.


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