These are the games recommended by VidaExtra readers to enjoy during the summer

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  These are the games recommended by VidaExtra readers to enjoy during the summer

We don’t stop talking about the heat, but it is what it is: we roast day in and day out. Summer is what it has and if I say all this it is because last week, via our Discord serverwe ask you about those perfect games to enjoy in summer.

Today it’s time to review what you’ve been telling us about it, with which in the end there will be a very nice list of games, made by yourselves, and with a good handful of summer recommendations. More than you can add the rest in the comments, of course.

our reader saviorfor example, told us the following:

“Mmm… for diving lovers I would go for Abzu or Subnautica; for sailors, the Sea of ​​Thieves or the TLOZ The Wind Waker. Super Mario Sunshine because its landscapes constantly give me that feeling of vacation and for those who want cool games for those hot days, both Steep and Subnautica Below Zero seem like good options to me”.

Well, we started very well, they are refreshing proposals, nothing to add.

Kiritomeanwhile, left us this message:

“Mostly Genshin Impact, Minecraft or Fortnite. About games that are currently decided by gamers, I would highlight LoL or Valorant if possible, according to their tastes.

Secondly, Gabo wrote us this:

“If it was just a game for the summer I would leave it at Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It has enough casual content to get lost on the screen and forget that you are not at the beach. In addition, with its DLCs you have to entertain yourself all summer”.

The truth is that, personally, the AC: Valhalla I also think it’s a very good option. Ubi games, in general, are cool enough to spend some time in summer and this one, due to its theme, is even cooler. Filtro para extractor de cocina whirlpool

I believe myself George Clooney, I escape from cults, I laugh in the face of the FBI and I do robberies to the Ocean's Eleven in GTA Online

Luinzito He told us the following:

“Well, I am surely going to hit Fortnite hard because the season ends in September and I am a little behind in the weekly missions. Although it is more than likely that, since I can’t go anywhere, I’ll start doing some flights with the Flight Simulator touring the best beaches in the world and some other frozen place on the hottest days.

Uff, great to use the Microsoft Flight Simulator to visit some good beaches around the world, without a doubt. Or some good glaciers, hey.

We continue, in this case with the message that left us nao:

“I like Fall Guys. The gameplay is very creative, which makes it a bit complicated, but as you play it can become simple and fun.

And we will end what he told us j4ck1wyck about the topic:

“I plan to lose myself in Forza Horizon 5. Driving through the streets, enjoying the diverse landscapes of Mexico and unlocking cars, even more so that the Hot Wheels DLC is coming, makes me feel like I’m on vacation at all times. ”.

As I told you at the beginning, comments are open so that you can share with the rest your favorite games for the summer.

Also pay attention to our Discord server, where this week we will propose another topic to talk about.

Thank you for your participation.

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