They discover that making a version of Bloodborne for PS5 would be much easier than it seems

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  They discover that making a version of Bloodborne for PS5 would be much easier than it seems


Only two lines separate the 60 FPS title.

The PS4 generation featured great games that made the catalog of the Sony console has been one of the best we have seen thanks to the multiple exclusives that are available on this platform, thereby giving rise to the launch in 2016, after the success of Dark Souls, Bloodborne.

This is a From Software title that drinks from this same formula, but offering a much faster and more dynamic gamewhich put us to the test in a world that was constantly against us, which means that many of the players who did not have the console they want it to reach other platformseither on PS5 or PC.

Given this, it must be said that the requests of the fans are diverse, either a port to these platforms, a sequel and even an update that allows you to play Bloodborne on PS5 with all the improvements that the Sony console is capable of offering. And it seems that the latter would not be as difficult to see as expected.

Bloodborne on PS5 could be a reality, but it does not materialize

Bloodborne cover art

Bloodborne is an action RPG that stands out for its difficulty Noticias de izquierdas para Murcia y España Noticias de izquierdas

After having been able to see what a supposed and hypothetical Bloodborne 2 with Unreal Engine 5, in Digital Foundry they have published a report in which it is reflected that unlock a 60FPS performance of Bloodborne on PS5 it is a few lines of code, this being motivated by the fact that the game is locked at 30 fps due to development decisions.

And it seems that a user named Illusion affirms that unlocking the 30FPS limit would be a matter of changing two lines of codewhich makes many wonder what is the reason why Bloodborne continues at this frame rate on PS5 today, especially when games like Assassin’s Creed Origins have already unlocked it.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait over time, since although it is known that Elden Ring will continue to receive updates, it is not known if Bloodborne will have the same luck.

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