This could be the meaning of the secret names of Lloyd and Yor in SPY x FAMILY

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  This could be the meaning of the secret names of Lloyd and Yor in SPY x FAMILY


Their code names could give us clues about their characters…

SPY x FAMILY by Tatsuya Endo is one of the works that is giving people something to talk about, either for its comedy, its action or, in this case, the mystery behind the names of two of its protagonists, Yor Forger (Ibara-Hime ) and Lloyd Forger (Tasogare). It is worth mentioning that this article will not contain major spoilers.but if you want to read this manga on your own you can do it at MangaPlus by Shueisha.

In English, Yor Forger’s codename as an assassin is Thorn Princess, or Ibara-hime in Japanese. In case you didn’t know, Ibara is a thorny bush or wild rose, and hime means princess or a young noblewoman. Although Yor Forger is not royalty, his name reaffirms his character throughout the series.

spy x family anime 2022 anya yor forge

Yor Forger’s codename in SPY x FAMILY brings a few characteristics of his character to the table.

Yor Forger might seem like a typical “princess” from other anime stories, delicate, giggly and to be taken care of, however she became an assassin by profession to support and care for her younger brother, Yuri Briar. She somehow gaining “her thorns from her” from her.

As for ibara, the term and its meaning depend largely on context and translation. By translating ibara as just “thorn”, it only focuses on Yor’s dangerous murderous personality. In fact, the “thorns” of Yor is visually depicted the golden stiletto-tipped daggers he uses to harm people, which are like the thorns of wild roses. When he is on a killing spree, Yor is fierce and shows no mercy to his victims, just like the thorns on a rose.

Yor’s personality is more than a “flower with a thorn”. Best to imagine her personality as a wild rose, Yor is the picture of elegance: her fake husband, Loid Forger, couldn’t help but admire her beauty when he first saw her at the tailor shop, and her brother, Yuri Briar, too. he admires her There is a common duality between the wild rose and Yor. They are both elegant and feminine, but they also have a tough exterior that makes them dangerous and could be a big problem if you carelessly approach them.. I am a spanish website and app developer Website and App developer

The meaning of Lloyd Forger’s codename in SPY x FAMILY

Lloyd Forger’s code name is Twilight (Twilight) or Tasogare in Japanese. Twilight or tasogare refers to the soft rays of light that shine brightly in the sky when the sun is setting. This meaning could represent some of the typical characteristics of his character in SPY x FAMILY.

The term tasogare in Japanese is an expression that means: “Who is that?”. This meaning comes from the time during sunset when the surrounding areas go dark, people cannot clearly distinguish objects or faces.

spy x family lloyd forger

Likewise, Lloyd Forger’s codename hints at his character in SPY x FAMILY.

The Loid Forger codename suits him. As a spy, he is known as the man of many faces. In Episode 1, “Operation Strix”, Lloyd disguises himself with a completely new face mask when he rescues Anya from the kidnappers. Twilight’s enemies don’t know his real appearance, which makes him a man of mystery.. As a result, his name, Tasogare, is appropriate as it plays on the definition of tasogare. Twilight is the time when you can’t tell faces apart, and Loid Forger is a master of disguises, where people can’t tell you.

Also, Lloyd Forger’s fake last name supports his indistinguishable identity. In English, the term, counterfeiter, is a fraudulent and criminal person. Lloyd Forger/Twilight is the ultimate fraud. He pretends to be a family man, but he is a spy, which makes his true identity unknown to the public. In this way, Loid Forger and Yor Forger’s codenames in SPY x FAMILY are more than just names to go along with their secret professions. Their code names also give insight into their personalities and main characteristics within the anime series.

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