This is the character that will define Garou’s destiny in One Punch Man

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  This is the character that will define Garou’s destiny in One Punch Man

This character has defined the future of Garou with this act.

This is the character that will define Garou's destiny in One Punch Man 08/13/2022 03:00

The epic match between Saitama and Garou has finally finishthanks to time jump What did this bald hero do for having this fearsome villain and make amends for his mistakes.

The heroes have gathered together with this villain to to decide what to do with Garou, who is still dismayed unaware of what is going on around you. This situation is used by them to give him a beating in revenge for all the damage he has caused, determined to finish off the hero hunter once and for all.

However, there is one character in particular that avoid this fatal outcome defining the future of this villain. Below we tell you the details.

This post Contains Spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter #170.

Which character is in charge of defining Garou’s destiny?

Garou after being defeated by Saitama, is dismayed and lost without knowing what has happened, for this reason the heroes who found on the site have decided to surround it to debate what action will they take against him, because this villain made a bad moment to the entire hero association and has caused a lot of damage.

The heroes fired up for these acts they give him a tremendous beating to this villain, who stands still taking all the hits without defendingsince he does not understand what has happened, some of these heroes have decided that it is best kill himas this is a potential threat to humanity.

However, in the midst of all this rampage a little boy approaches the crowd in defending of this villain, this youngster turns out to be homeworkone could say that it is only friend that Garou has in the whole world, because he, before the start of the fight with Saitama, begged the bald hero not to kill his friend, just to stop him.

Tareo has intervened in defense of Garou

Tareo has intervened in defense of Garou

King, seeing Tareo defend Garou, remembers some words that the boy told him about a “lord” who had saved in an opportunityso quickly this S-class hero joins this youngster in defending of the hero hunter.

They are also joined by old master of Garou, the hero Bang, commenting that he will make this villain pay all the misdeeds that he has committed, however in the midst of these statements and confusion on the part of the heroes, this villain takes advantage of the moment to get away.

Tareo’s intervention has been key code for the future of Garou, because if he had not defended him, the fate of this villain would have finished at that time.

Who is Taro?

Garou holds Tareo in high esteem.

Garou holds Tareo in high esteem.

Tareo is a young man heroes association fanwho dreams of become one when I grow up. However, this boy considers himself very weak and believes that never you will achieve your goal.

This young man knows casually Garou in a park while he is I was reading a manual that contained information detailed about heroes.

Garou asks the boy for the manual when he realizes it contains information about heroes and monster association, so strike up a conversation. From that moment, Tareo and this villain form a kind of friendship.

Throughout this arc, Homework becomes essential in the development of this villain, since he has served as retaining wall for Garou, because he has a great esteem to this child.

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