walk around an anime-style city with a raccoon

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  walk around an anime-style city with a raccoon

The truth is that we were totally amazed with stray. The work hosted by Annapurna Interactive is scheduled for release this summer and can control a cat through cyberpunk streets It’s just what we need.

Following the same path we find Snaccoon. It is a project created by Christian Sparks in Unreal Engine 4 and the work seeks to control a raccoon through a city, being able to move in the automatic style of Assassin’s Creed.

https://t.co/7U3GKFqPop#indiedev #gamedev pic.twitter.com/YoUB3YuFlQ

— Christian Sparks (@hippowombat) May 2, 2022

Assassin's Creed Unity and the zenith of parkour: don't let the memory of its bugs stop you from enjoying exemplary mobility yuzo - Captain Tsubasa Spain

So much Sparks like his brother are developing this idea despite having jobs that occupy them practically all day. Although their free time is very few, they have managed to transfer the city of Snaccoon to the Unreal Engine 5 store, where you can do with her.

Sparks himself acknowledges that his inspirations come from works such as stray Y Little Kitty Big City, which have prompted him to want to put some ideas into practice. His goal is to be able to share some kind of progress in terms of gameplay soon, which combines platforming and stealth. Of course, we will be there to see it.

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