what are the best weapons to destroy your enemies

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  what are the best weapons to destroy your enemies

Season 4 is now live in Call of Duty Warzone or Warzone Pacific. The start of each season brings with it numerous weapon changes that turn the battle royale meta (playstyle) upside down. Now that a few days have passed, the players seem to have adapted to the changes and the number tables have stabilized.

Then I will tell you what are the best warzone weapons during the beginning of Warzone Pacific Season 4. Remember that this list may change with future updates.


This AR rifle is the favorite of the Warzone community by quite a bit compared to the rest. Currently, he has a pick ratio of 16.76, a K/D of 1.28, and a win ratio of 4.11.

Warzone Weapons 1

The configuration that I show you below is designed both for users who play with a controller and with a keyboard and mouse. It focuses on mobility, recoil control, and aim. If you have good recoil control, you can modify some accessories.

  • Bocacha: MX muffler.

  • Canyon: 360mm BC Orbweaver.

  • Look: PU sight for SVT-40 (x3-6).

  • Butt:LOR Mk. 3SC,

  • Coupling: hand stop for M1941.

  • Magazine/Ammunition: Sakura with 50 Projectiles/stretched.

  • rear handle: polymer handle.

  • Advantage: reinforcement and available.

Frame 5

This SMG or submachine gun arrived with Season 4 and, as expected, has become the favorite of most players. Currently, he has a pick ratio of 9.19, a K/D of 1.18 and a win ratio of 3.49.

Warzone Weapons 2

  • Bocacha: recoil amplifier.

  • Canyon: Botti 240mm VL.

  • Look: Reflector Slate.

  • Butt: Imerito FR.

  • Coupling: Hand stop for M1941.

  • Magazine/Ammunition: Nambu with 64 projectiles/Hollow Point.

  • rear handle: dotted grip.

  • Advantage: unmarked and fast.

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This submachine gun or SMG closely follows the Mark 5 with a pick rate of 5.59, a K/D of 0.90, and a win rate of 2.05. These data reveal that it is the third weapon (tied with the STG and the H4) most taken by the players, but that it is not one of the most used to kill.

Warzone Weapons 3

  • Bocacha: recoil amplifier.

  • Canyon: Short 189mm VOD.

  • Look: Slate reflector.

  • Butt: Krausnick 33M folding.

  • Coupling: Hand stop for M1941.

  • Magazine/Ammunition: Gorenko with 45 shells/Hollow Point.

  • rear handle: tape grip.

  • Advantage: reinforcement and speed.


The AR STG44 rifle became almost 8 months ago a safe bet for many players. So much so that it remains one of the most widely used weapons, tied for third with the MP-40 and H4-Blixen submachine guns. He has a pick ratio of 5.29, a K/D of 0.89, and a win ratio of 2.24. ¿Has llegado nunca a pensar como se llama la punta de los cordones?¿Cuál es su función?¡Entra y amplia tus conocimientos! HERRETE | Descúbre su verdadero significado

Warzone Weapons 4

Although the STG-44 is very good, it is condemned along with the MP-40 to live under the new dominance of the NZ-41 and the imminent rise of the H4 Blixen.

  • Bocacha: MX muffler.

  • Canyon: 760mm 05B VOD.

  • Look: PU sight for SVR-40 (x3-6)

  • Butt: VOD 27 precision.

  • Coupling: Hand Stop for M1941.

  • Magazine/Ammunition: 8mm Kurz drums with 60 rounds/lengthened.

  • rear handle: polymer handle.

  • Advantage: sleight and available.

H4 Blixen

The MP-40 and STG44 outperform this submachine gun/SMG by a fraction on the most used weapons chart, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time because the rest of their numbers are better than any other weapon on the chart.

Warzone Weapons 5

He has a pick ratio of 5.29, a K/D of 1.76, and a win ratio of 6.37. Give him a few days, he’ll be by NZ-41.

  • Bocacha: recoil amplifier.

  • Canyon: 9-inch RMK Jönsson.

  • Look: Reflector Slate.

  • Butt: butt removed.

  • Coupling: Hand Stop for M1941.

  • Magazine/Ammunition: Gorenko with 45 shells/lengthened.

  • rear handle: polymer handle.

  • Advantage: quick and fast.

The weapon configurations that I recommend in this guide are the ones used by the YouTuber and Streamer Winghaven (except for the STG-44). Create your own configuration based on these optimized ones. Remember to take a look from time to time at the tables of WZRankeds and to the VidaExtra guides section to stay up to date on Warzone.

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