what are the most used and best performing weapons this week, August 15 to 21

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  what are the most used and best performing weapons this week, August 15 to 21

Last week’s Call of Duty Warzone loadout review showed that the battle royale meta was on its head after several weapon swings. It would take another week for it to settle down. And he has!

To summarize: the KG M40 assault rifle and Armaguerra 43 submachine gun were the protagonists of Call of Duty Warzone. The UGM-8 machine gun became the new promise. How will the meta have evolved this week? I’ll tell you next.

Weaponry in Call of Duty Warzone: Warzone’s new meta is set

It’s official: the reign of the H4 Blixen and Marco 5 submachine guns is dead. The H4 has almost disappeared from all the tables, while the Marco 5 remains and ends up winning the competition between the two. As for the surprises, the combat shotgun and the submachine gun UGR they slip into the lists without warning. But what happened this week?

Once again, I turn to WZRanked to see how the tables are today, August 19, to make a comparison with last week and tell you what weapons you should use this weekend and next week to be competitive.

Weekly Warzone Weaponry

Pick Rate, K/D Rate and Win Rate Tables

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As you can see, the meta I showed you last week has been established: the submachine gun. Weaponwar 43 and assault rifles KG M40 and Carabina Coopera continue to lead the lists. the machine gun LMU-8, which surprisingly reached the top of the charts last week, continues to be very present. This means that it was not a rise as a result of a punctual test of the community.

Most used and effective weapons this week (August 15-21)

At first glance, the protagonists are the same weapons as last week: Weaponwar 43, KG M40 and the LMU-8. As surprises we have the combat shotgun (Combat Shotgun) and the UGR. The Ballistic Shield remains immortal and immovable.

Pick Ratio

As usual, I start the specific review with the pick ratio. The Weaponwar 43the kryptonite of submachine guns H4 Blixen Y Frame 5has continued its rise to unseat the assault rifle KG M40 of his first position.

Weekly Warzone Weaponry1

Pick Ratio

The Cooper Carbine He remains in third place, although his effectiveness numbers are in the red. It is very likely that he will fall in front of the assault rifle STG44which has risen compared to last week and has left the submachine gun in fifth place Frame 5. the submachine gun H4 Blixen and the Kilo 141 assault rifle continue to decline. In fact, the latter has red numbers in its effectiveness. bingoonline.1blogs.es

K/D ratio

We leave the community favoritism (pick ratio) and focus on effectiveness. What are the weapons that kill the most? The combat shotgun from Vanguard leads this week’s chart. How?, Why?, and When? His 1.36 beats his 1.31 Combat Shield and at 1.30 of the submachine gun Weaponwar 43.

Weekly Warzone Weaponry2

K/D ratio

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The weapons that kill the most in Call of Duty Warzone today are the Combat Shield and the combat shotgun by Vanguard. So that later they say that the goal does not change …

the submachine gun H4 Blixen loses its throne as the weapon that kills the most with 1.28 points, closely followed by the 1.24 points of the assault rifle KG M40. the submachine gun Frame 5 and the machine gun LMU-40 They rank sixth and seventh.

Win Rate

The table that shows the win rate, weapons that are used to win more games, is the table that has undergone the most changes compared to last week. The Combat Shield maintains his throne with 4.01 points. In second place, the submachine gun sneaks surprisingly UGR from Cold War, unknown to many users in the Warzone community.

Weekly Warzone Weaponry3

Win Rate

Further down the top two slots are the Combat Shotgun (this week’s surprise), the Machine Gun LMU-8the rifle SVT-40 and the submachine gun Weaponwar 43. All Vanguard weapons except the UGR and ZRG 20mm from ColdWar.

Weekly Warzone Weaponry4

weapon stats

Finally, the tables above give you an overview of weapon movement, which game has the most weapons active in Warzone, and which weapon type is used the most. Vanguard and the assault rifles are the most popular weapons in general terms.

In summary: this week’s star weapons are the submachine gun Weaponwar 43the assault rifle KG M40 and the machine gun LMU-8. The surprises of the week are the combat shotgun and the submachine gun UGR Vanguard in both cases.

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