World of Warcraft Announces Dragonflight Expansion and It’s Awesome

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  World of Warcraft Announces Dragonflight Expansion and It’s Awesome


You will be able to train your own dragon in Dragonflight!

For months, uncertainty has haunted fans of World of Warcraft, a role-playing game that has . And finally, the moment they have been waiting for has finally arrived: World of Warcraft announced the release of Dragonflight, the ninth expansion of this franchise. The news has excited thousands of players for compelling reasons.

To tell the truth, this new expansion promises a lot, since finally it will add many features at the same time that the player will have them in an adventure through the mythical Dragon Islands.


What are the Dragon Islands?

In case you are not familiar with this place and still do not understand why it has attracted so much attention that the franchise has decided to include them in Dragonflight, here we explain it to you.

The Dragon Islands, as its name says, have been the cradle of the dragons and the place that saw them emerge. Interestingly, they have only been depicted in a few sketches in The Art of World of Warcraft book, so no one knows for sure what might lie in wait in their corners. Among the few details we have about them is that they are located in the North of Lordaeron, but there is a possibility that they are the same ones that appear in the Warcraft III manual, near the Maelstrom, although this has not been confirmed. There was even speculation among the fan community that it will have a naga-themed level 65-70 dungeon, after the documentary Looking for a Group showed the planning for it.

However, the reason the Dragon Isles have remained anonymous is quite simple and that is that the titans have hidden them for millennia. But apparently andIt is time for all its secrets to be revealed after the return of the dragons of Azeroth.

This means that, until now, there had been no information about what could exist in that place, more than theories that the franchise itself was feeding for a while after some clues. But this has changed after the new Dragonflight expansion was announced.


What features will Dragonflight include?

Having imagined what kind of setting we will be able to place ourselves in with the expansion, given the mysteries that have shrouded the Dragon Isles for so many years, the features that will be included will be quite eye-catching. First of all, we know that there will be five draconic zones with multiple dungeons and wide places to explore. That said, the scenarios will be the starting point for a fusion of race and class that we haven’t seen in the game until now: the Evoker of Dracthyr. The peculiarity that defines these beings is that they are a kind of humanoid, the result of a combination with dragons. These winged-looking creatures can use five different flights to attack their opponents and heal their companions, including the Summoner (the hero who primarily represents Dracthyr). TEKKEN 7 Pelicula Completa en Español HD 1080p

On the other hand, World of Warcraft has also taken care to modify some well-known skills and professions, in addition to its user interface. Among these talents, offer a flying technique known as “Dragonriding”this means that players will have a draconic-looking steed at their disposal for their own aerial strategies.

It seems that Dragonflight is the result of a great work by the company. But its release hasn’t come as a surprise to some World of Warcraft fans, as there has been talk in the community of a possible dragon-related expansion in the past. And later some announcements were leaked that confirmed what was said. For a few weeks, players talked about it non-stop, as the discussion about the details of the WoW expansion was still on the table. But despite the fact that the official announcement revealed some important data, others are still in the air and will only be discovered after playing the expansion.

If anything needs to be clarified before this release, it is that most WoW fans have been overly excited after seeing the announcement of DragonFlight. And it is not for less, since it shows another face of what until now we had believed that we would see in the role-playing game. In fact, it could be said that The versatile nature of the expansion, allowing each player to train their dragons, is what has earned it such wide appeal and popularity.even for those who were used to the classic concept of the Shadowlands or one or another user who is just getting involved in World of Warcraft environments.

Of course, the fan community is impatient to try the new game modes that Blizzard has promised with this installment. Perhaps the simple, yet well-crafted and fresh tones of its new theme were the respite the company needed after a rocky Shadowlands run and long troubled history. In this way, both fans and the public will be aware of upcoming details of Dragonflight.

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